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Apple iPad vs NotionInk Adam

November 24, 2010
  iPad Adam
Height 9.56″ 10.6″
Width 7.47″ 7.5″
Depth 0.5″ .55″
Weight Wi-Fi only 1.5 # 1.6 #
Weight Wi-Fi + 3G 1.6 # 1.6 #
Display 9.7″ LED-Backlit glossy 10.1″ Pixel Qi Display
or LCD
Resolution 1024×768 1024×600
Processor 1Ghz Apple A4 NVIDIA Tegra 250
Dual Core Cortex A-9
Capacity 16,32 or 64GB flash drive 1GB DDR2 RAM
16,32Gb GB Flash Drive
Micro-SD expandable NO YES
Accelerometer YES YES
Ambient Light YES YES
Digital Compass YES YES
3.5 mm Stereo
headphone jack
Built in speaker YES YES
Microphone YES YES
Micro-SIM Card YES YES
USB 2.0 NO Two
Video 720p 1080p
flash support NO YES
Camera NO 3.2MP Swivel
Built in or removable Built In Removable
Hours of use Wi-Fi 10 15
Hours of use 3G 9 15
OS iOS 4 Android 2.2
Number of Apps 40,000 + 10,000+
Pricing $499 (16Gb WiFi) to
$829 (3G, WiFi, 64Gb)
$399 (LCD & WiFi) to
$498 (3G,WiFi & Pixel Qi)

For my part I can’t wait for the Adam to hit the market, finally a better tablet than iPad, of course Apple has the lead and might close the gap on the shortcoming they have if Notion Ink doesn’t release it soon.

A recent video:

  1. Djurre permalink

    Notion Ink has also AGPS

    • Thanks for correction 🙂

  2. Few more updates from Notion Ink Blog:

    •We have done something with our FCC application and it will be little difficult for you to find us!
    •All 6 variants have passed EMI tests
    •Payment Integration Gateways are up
    •All softwares are in beta now
    •There was a wrong Wi-Fi infringement case on Notion Ink which we rectified. (we were using right components as otherwise opposed to what this company suspected)
    •Adam is in Europe as of now. I have never mentioned this in particular, but Europe is an extremely crucial market for us, our sales and marketing team is in Europe this week.
    •There were 4 areas where we felt Android was infringing few patents and stayed away from using those, and implemented our own methods. Seems like we were correct and our portfolio just expanded a little because of this.
    •6th December is another big day for Android and you will find out how fast Notion Ink can work.

  3. Seems Notion Ink is facing startup problems. They should have did controlled release at one country at a time, instead of global release. Talk about logistic nightmare. I will hold now until I find out more info on how they will handel all of this.
    I wish them all luck

    Latest news Apple rumored to come with “upgraded” IPad during CSE in Feb 2011. Thinner (translate lighter) which means it will be more lighter than Adam. Current IPad is at 1# vs Adam 1.3# also IPad rumored to have two cameras, improved screen and USB port. If those items truly are true, Adam might be short lived if they can’t get their “ducks” in order.

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