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Where is technology taking us?

December 15, 2017

This is part of a series that will be published over few weeks….

Technology and the “good Ole Days” do you remember when technology moved at speed of snail?

Take for example VHS tapes to DVD: Most people had time to adjust and replace their VHS tapes with DVD players, then came Blu-Ray to try and take over DVD players, while some have upgraded (I wasn’t one) a new player came to market called Netflix with new idea streaming movies to our homes, no longer going to Blockbuster Video (remember them) or order your DVDs from Netflix, poof it streams to your TV now.  

Same goes for music, 8 Track to Cassette Player to CDs to MP3 players and now like movies stream through your “smart” TV, phone, or speakers for that matter.

Moore’s law had prediction of doubling the components in the circuits (microchip) every 18 months. During my college time and early one to me that translated to speed of computing power and wanting the new and latest Computer. Do we see this trend now?

We as a race are on the verge of new and exciting future, a future were before we can exhale our breath a new technological advance shows up.

Some might be skeptic and say what’s left to come up with? We have it all, we didn’t have this or that when we were kids! (Sounds familiar?) To those I ask them did you imagine carrying a phone with you all the time that does what your computer back in 1990s did? Or how about order a taxi cab and actually arriving to your location in less than 10 minutes!


Let us examine Few of new paradigm shifts (over few posts) we are having lately:

In my own small town USA (Evansville). Solar panels are being erected for the school corporation and people are installing panels on their roofs. Elon Musk company created Solar Panels that would go on house instead of normal Asphalt shingles! What is the big deal you ask?

Let us think outside the box for a moment and look into the future: Solar Shingles pricing starts to drop down almost (maybe a bit higher) to price of normal roofing materials → People will start installing when roofs gets redone or on new housing projects are being built → Electricity starts to be supplied on local level between neighbors → Utility companies shift from having multiple Power plants to One in area while acting as intermediary for power line connections and maybe broker between people trading their power! YES Solar is only good during day BUT you forgot Tesla building biggest battery power plant in Australia (100MW +) and we still have wind to supply power and save it in battery pack!

This translates to  future demise of large power plant projects and existing ones and moving towards more module plants. Utility companies will no longer needs this huge capital investments to build those plants and staff them. Work will shift into making the “network” of power more reliable and better connected. In other words no more black out if one of major power plants got hit or big transformer is blown out due to natural disaster. Utility companies (if smart enough, but my money on other technology disturbers) would reroute power if connection got broken, or take it further and start sending power over the air. Over the air? Some of us out there already do this when charging your smart phones. You no longer plug the phone to power source but set it on a mat and it charges!

Our homes will be smart in providing power to your neighbor if their house consuming more by selling power to them if their system can’t generate enough for their needs. OR if neighborhood/subdivision your house is at  (I see areas being divided into grids/squares etc for better power consumption and stability of system) produces more than Grid wants then power gets transferred to another Grid or for that matter the battery bank for the Grid to be used at night time. As mentioned wind can play a factor by installing small wind turbines either on top of house or even in yard that can be disguised as a tree. Think of small fins spinning around, remember you are only looking for small amount to generate, but when you add sum of everyone on your grid….


This is just a glimpse to what I see happening within 15-20 years from now


While we still on subject of homes, the next topic to follow be “Inside of our homes”



Moore’s Law info

Tesla Biggest Battery Power Plant

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