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Evansville Youths in inner city – Problem starts at home not goverment

June 14, 2015

This is in response to article written by Zach Evans from Evansville Courier & Press, Sunday June 14, 2015 titled :”‘Canvas’ discusses juvenile weapon arrests”

Mr. Cook frustrations need to be directed towards the root of the problem by first accepting responsibility that youth problems start with family and not government!

It‘s sad when you see a prominent person like Mr. Cook who can have influence in shaping inner city neighborhoods make such remarks “There’s nothing for our kids to do..”. Reading his statement I come up with two conclusions:

  1. Cook is far removed from inner city neighborhoods and he doesn’t leave his home to see what is out there.
  2. OR Mr. Cook is playing Us vs Them card and looking to put the blames of what is going on in his neighborhood on someone else.

Either case I see Mr. Cook as unqualified to lead this coalition. Let us review some facts here Mr. Cook, in regards to what youths in inner city neighborhoods have access to:

  1. City has Lorraine Pool, Rochelle Pool, Garvin Pool and Anthony Oates Pool all of which in Inner city and provided to youth at minimal entrance fee for the pool while providing other activities on premises such as Basketball, baseball & tennis at some.
  2. YMCA Downtown provides access to families who can’t afford membership
  3. CK Newsome Center with its various activities and located near downtown

How about we review other facts Mr. Cook:

  1. Six Youths decided to take it upon themselves to vandalize properties such as Garvin Pool
  2. Youth decided Shooting at CK Newsome Center this year with people inside

Your community is not overlooked by city officials on the contrary city has provided neighborhoods with avenues to allow kids to be kids. It’s the community that is looking the other way and not standing against thugs in your neighborhood.

For youths to feel hope parents (yes it starts at home) needs to take responsibility for their children actions and guide them away from mischief. I also believe current laws are not harsh enough to deter youths from carrying and using guns, if you are man enough to carry a deadly weapon then State should prosecute the youth as an adult.

May I suggest to Mr. Cook the following, get youths in your neighborhood involved, for example in building a play ground park, I guarantee you companies such as Mead Johnson (who recently donated $100K to Evansville Park), Vectren, ONB and the likes would be happy to donate to get kids off the street and have them involved in such a project. When youths build it they will take ownership in maintaining it and not allowing others to destroy it.

Finally in regards to voting, I think you hit it bull’s eye, voting is your right and if certain individuals chose not to exercise this right you can’t “complain” why your voice isn’t heard. Vote for next City Elections and get out the vote in November to shape your city and neighborhood.

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