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Off Year Fund Raising

A recent article in our news paper  Winnecke money machine marches on in off-year for Evansville mayor   brings to memory an article I wrote back in 2015 Why are outsiders giving to Winnecke?

While both have different titles the “meat” of article still same. Every time i hear how politician go for donations and fund raising for their war chest, makes me cringe. Why in the first place we don’t call this for what it is.. BRIBERY in it’s simplest form. If a large donor donates to a Democrat or Republican, he/she wants something in return. Yet bribery in business world is forbidden by the same lawmakers that accept from special interest groups (I mean lobbyist)!

Again, if people feel they “should” buy sponsorship for $2500, why don’t you buy it for better cause! Politician can fight it in arena “News Media” telling us what they stand for and their plans for city, this way we vote based on that criteria. Why would Mayor race cost $1.2 Million/Mayor for each party to get a job that pays $100K? Not to mention they annoying ads and signs everywhere!

Or better yet why don’t we have something similar to Evansville “Guns & Hoses” for Mayor race and sell tickets, maybe inline of Summer/Winter Olympics ?

What I want to see our news paper do, is publish the names of those donors for each party to know who own various politicians.

What do you think? 


Twisting the Truth from Jay Ambrose

Mr. Ambrose opinion on Dec 14th (Evansville Courier & Press) should have been titled: “How to twist Facts enough without turning it into Fiction!”

Reading his opinion and how he contradicts himself from one paragraph to another is truly amazing feat.  After finding out Mr. Jay Ambrose is a regular columnist for it comes as no surprise why Facts gets twisted to meet certain agenda! His Articles and titles lean heavily towards hard core right wing agenda with anti science (you can read most of his publications under above website).

One of the things I’m grateful for is our Newspaper published Ambrose article under Opinions and not as a “normal” article indicating this might not be fact.  So thank you.

We all need to hear both sides of the story and understand it. What we don’t need are individuals that believe so much in one thing or another (think Ultra Conservative and Ultra leftist) that they will twist the truth to their realm.

Here is the “Facts” Ambrose presented:

  1. “..the founding of Israel and have been mainly the fault of Palestinians wanting Jewish settlers tossed out or extinguished.” This indicates that Israel was there to begin with and was occupied by Palestinian! Let us replace “Israel” with USA, Palestinians with “American Indians (original inhabitant of this great land), Jewish Settlers with “Pilgrims or Colonists”. I think you get the point here. Who lived in Land first! Nothing like changing history!
  2. “.. many will tell you that the Jews fleeing Europe after World War II had no right to settle in Israel despite their ages-old holy sites and Jews already there. They say Israel has violated international rules.

Let us examine this closely.

Fact: Jews were treated in a way no other human being or race should have been treated in WW2 and under Hitler. So yes any race would be fleeing these conditions to survive.

Fiction:  “ right to settle in Israel despite their ages” Author indicates that Israel existed here during WW2 when they were fleeing to what was called then “Ottoman Palestine”. Remember WW2 was from 1939 to 1945. Israel “independence” wasn’t until 1948. This means Jews settled in Ottoman Palestine not Israel!

Fact: Author says “They” as word referring to some imaginary person or entity that doesn’t exists. They here means “the world” or in other words “United Nation”. So yes UN has many resolutions saying formation of Israel and ongoing occupation & settlements is against international rules. If we as a race stops following rules then we are mere animals nothing more nothing less.

  1. “..despite their ages-old holy sites and Jews already there.” Author here is trying to lead us to believe that only holy site in Jerusalem is for Jews. Yes Jews lived there but so is Christians and Muslims (was a melting pot of religions)! Surprise? If you believe in the three monotheistic religions and their origin you would know all came from that part of the world! Those three groups shared things in common. Cultural and language. Jews that came from Europe had different culture than original inhabitants.
  2. Finally Author portrays Israel as a tiny country that is surrounded by “Arabs” that wants its demise and can’t afford to survive without USA help. Israel is surrounded by: Jordan, Syria, Lebanon (which is half size of Israel) and Egypt.

Fact: Jordan and Egypt has peace treaty with Israel for years, Syria is and will be in Civil war for years to come and Lebanon has no real army to speak of. Some might say Hezbollah in southern Lebanon and Hamas in Israel are the big bad wolf!  Not sure what kind of a big bad wolf those two are. Who you think can win a fight? A person with a knife or a person with nuclear weapon aimed at you? Hint neither Hamas nor Hezbollah have nuclear weapons. In other words no such thing as “real” fight here.

To say: “…by major Arab states wanting its demise.” Is way out of context here? Israel is surrounded by Arab nations now that has done peace with it and in away support its way of life (from tourism to trade). This is crying wolf to get sympathy for an argument that doesn’t hold ground!

This brings us to the Jerusalem and why it belongs under Israel occupation per Author opinion. Looking from the outside keeping an open mind about current situation.

Fact: Palestine no longer there but replaced with Israel. We as world should by now recognize this as de-facto with Israel right to exists. This is no difference than any other country that came to existence after war. Think of Roman Empire, U.K. Empire and the like, countries got created and called for “Independence”. The country we all live in now and love was created in same fashion. So yes Israel is here to stay for long foreseeable future.

In my opinion, what Israel needs to do is follow USA footsteps on treating the indigenous people by:

  1. Giving those (Palestinians) same rights as Israeli.
  2. Provide citizenship (Israeli) and allow them (Palestinians) to vote. Think how various cultural in USA (Italian Americans, Irish American, German American, Arab American, etc) each celebrate their heritage in this country yet falls under one rule of law U.S.A.
  3. Find a way to compensate for lands taken from original inhabitants. Again Think of USA giving “American Indian” land and autonomy to run their affairs yet follow country rules living under. Also provide certain “protective” class to original inhabitants to avoid future discrimination.
  4. Jerusalem, where three religious sites exist, should be under joint control. Think of Vatican in Rome. Almost a country within a country. Why can’t we do same with Old Jerusalem? Forget about religion for a while and think of the History that we need to preserve there. Nativity Church with its beauty, Dome of the Rock that shows up on any poster for the country and Wailing Wall that is part of Temple Mount. A board of directors from the three religions oversees Jerusalem with separate funding to protect and flourish those sites.

See below an image of where each holy site at in Jerusalem.

Holy Sites

Preserving our history without destroying it is what civilized race does. We aren’t barbaric like ISIS destroying historical artifact in countries but a race that celebrate our past and look into the future. Extremism on both sides doesn’t foster corporation and compromise but divide and hatred with no winner but evil at the end.

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