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USA Today: Want happy customers? Satisfy your employees

From USA Today

Want happy customers? Satisfy your employees

Sometimes investing in your employees means preparing them to eventually move onto something new, and that’s just fine with Rent the Runway co-founder and CEO Jennifer Hyman.Quarterly, employees at the fashion startup, which rents clothing, jewelry and handbags to women for special occasions and everyday wear, have set objectives that they work to meet. One of those, Hyman says, is always related to their own career goals.”We have enabled people to bounce around at Rent the Runway and gain experience at various different divisions so that when they leave here they are fully equipped to go found their own companies,” Hyman says. “We have close to 15 groups of women who have left Rent the Runway and have become entrepreneurs themselves after an experience here and that’s something we’re extremely proud of.”


Apple vs FBI

The way I understand this, FBI has asked Apple to help create a “back door” to hack into the San Bernardino iPhone to help agents find out who Syed Farook was in contact with before his mass shooting.

Sounds plain and simple don’t it? Any person would want try and help to their best abilities to avoid future attacks and put criminals behind bars. Let us the bank we have our accounts with got robbed and for the sake of argument let’s say FDIC insurance not there. Would you want the Bank to corporate with agents to return your money or would you say for sake of privacy for other criminals the Bank should refrain for helping FBI?

My argument against Apple which “claims” creating such a program would open the door to other to abuse it would be:

You either have the technology or you don’t? If you can’t hack into your own Phone then say so and admit it under oath, on the other hand if you have the knowhow then:

  1. You already have this hacking technology which means it’s either with “bad” guys or you can’t protect your code and afraid to say so?
  2. If you can create it to help solve a murder, why can’t you delete the code after your help? Unless again you know your employees would steal it from you? Or you don’t’ have correct check and balances for security? If that is the case then how in the world we trust you with our private information?
  3. Why can’t you take the phone from FBI hack into it with Agents present, give all data pertaining to investigation then wipe phone clean?

People are afraid that their phones be “hacked” if Apple does such a thing (talk about Apple bad PR), but Apple users (for that matter any smart phone user), don’t realize Apple, Google and the like have our vast information from financial to personal life (forgot about social posting folks?) that our privacy isn’t there anymore unless a person is truly off the grid.

We have a system of check and balance (regardless of corruption); we the people can’t allow a single entity such as Apple dictates what is best for our national security, you are a technology company who happens to collect and store our data, not policing it.

Apple in my opinion has violated the Fourth (4) Amendment they were giving proper warrant to surrender phone information yet they refused and I can take this a bit further by saying they violated the second (2) Amendment as well, by using the argument (instead of Arms its technology) – The well regulated Militia in this case be the Department of Home Land security which is necessary to the security of our Nation and Apple is the “government” that is acting rouge against us!

My recommendation is for Apple to work closely with FBI, hack the phone then destroy the code afterwards. Keep us Safe.