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Smart Homes of the Future and Our Way of Living

December 16, 2017

Our next Paradigm shift topic is in our homes and our way of living.

What we once thought of as just a structure that is there to protect us and our family from environment and maybe a way to show wealth, will be transformed into a smart home.

             Yes the idea is not new and uber rich have transformed their homes into true smart ones (Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg for example). I’m talking about the masses here, think of Cell Phones when they first came out, only “rich” afforded them. When prices went down and masses started buying them, technology leaped fast and now everyone has one or two phones.

            Same will happen with our homes and the trend has started with Fridges knowing what food you have and might need to Artificial Intelligence (AI) by Amazon, Google & Apple with products such as Alexa, Google Home and the likes. We now have an always on device that listens to our voices and responds, “living” in our homes!

           Let’s fast forward 5-10 years from now, what do you see? AI becomes common on most homes. So what? you might say, big deal I can turn lights on and off with my voice or have to do grocery list sent to my phone from my fridge.

          Open your mind. With devices similar to Google Home and Alexa gathering data from our habits and living to smart wear technology. Our homes will be few steps ahead of us. Internet speeds will be 10x more that they are now and that be the new normal. Fiber optics instead of coax cable be the one going to our homes. (we do need the bandwidth for all of this)


My Future prediction:

  1. Remember the solar panels our homes will have? The AI will Managing our power needs, sending it to proper appliances while turning others off to conserve energy. Your house now has TVs, Ovens, Microwaves, Game console, WiFi Routers etc connected and drawing power (even when they are off). With AI those be completely disconnected until you come back home.  Motion sensors in the house be the norm as well…no more asking kids :Did you turn your room light off? It be our kids in future saying to their children: Back in my days I had to run upstairs to turn my bedroom lights off, you kids have it so easy these days!
  2. With our wearable technology (smartphone, smartwatch, implants! etc), the devices will relay our information to our home. The AI in the house will either crank up heat, turn AC on and maybe turn oven on for meals to be cooked!
  3. Smart devices (I will call them pods for now) will have infrared sensors and other wave sensors. Those sensors with mic in the Pods will know who is in the room and set the “mood” according to this person. Stranger enters → Speed dial cups oops I mean send message to nearest station.
  4. Smart Fridge with AI, knows your habits. They will automatically send info for certain grocery orders to be ordered and delivered by drones to your door steps. Actually I can take this further by saying, the drone (depending on order) will fly into your house to put grocery in the fridge. Impossible? No way you say! Amazon now can deliver your package inside your house if you chose to while you are away! 
  5. TVs and game console. Have you noticed how thin TVs become with larger screens. This will be OLD technology, hologram will be the norm. No more this “large screen” in-front of us but a tiny device that project a 3D Hologram image that is visible from any angle!  CNN attempted this back in 2008! While CNN anchor didn’t see the 3D image but viewers did. This Star Wars idea will happen. Game consoles will follow in this trend. Remote controls and game console controllers will be ..a thing of the past. 
  6. Wearable technology has heart monitors. This will expand in future maybe to include:
    • Blood Pressure monitor
    • O2 level
    • Take blood sample to test sugar level (maybe via non invasive way)
    • Or even have a small AI health monitor at home that does all that plus take blood sample.
    • So on

This will translates to our home AI reading the data, and either schedule Dr. appointment for you or make suggestions on diet changes.


     7. Our cars…Hello Self driving. But this be self driving on steroids. Do we really need people to drive cars anymore?

  • Lets say your grocery order is too much for drones to deliver via air. Well Grocery store can send automated car to your address to deliver food
  • What about all these delivery drivers for Pizza and other fast food. That be way in the past. Cars or drones will deliver your order. Labor cost will go down so will insurance. One person can run Pizza shop. Automated order and making with automated delivery.
  • With self driving cars no more congested traffic, dreadlocks or even accidents.


What all this means for current companies?

  1. Security companies such as ADT, Senitrol and the like will cease to exists. They will go in same fashion as Blockbuster and Video rental companies went out. Our Pods will act as our Eyes and ears in our homes. Yes some might say big brother watching and gathering data but whether we like it or not it’s here and new generation is more comfortable with it. Stay away from investing in those security companies, their model and cost hasn’t changed in years and I don’t see them changing any time soon.
  2. Electric cars. TESLA and the likes will not be mainstream until they solve battery charging issue. It’s great for in town driving and have car charged while at home. Batteries needs to get           smaller to pack more in same space, able to pack lots of power, charges quickly and doesn’t overheat during the process. Would you drive long distance knowing (while it’s free) you have to stop for 30 min to refuel ? Look for companies that will solve this issue.
  3. Insurance companies will have major consolidation. With AI running our lives in away, accidents will be dropping.  Car insurance such as Progressive monitors your driving for additional discounts (of course you have to agree for device to be installed in your car) We aren’t far from this being reality to health insurance with various wearable devices, making sure we are following “healthy” lifestyle. i.e.  couch potatoes be penalized for not moving, smokers be dinged and any other abnormalities or behavior changes be monitored by the Pod AI at your home. Those AI Pods will relay to insurance companies the information that can be taken for or against you. Invest in companies that creates these models while reducing costs


Speaking of Health insurance..this will be our next topic and prediction


Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook CEO Smart house

CNN hologram

Startup Developed a Promising New Battery Material

Self Driving Cars

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