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US airlines crying foul over Middle Eastern Airlines

May 17, 2015

Per this article on ABC and this one on Al-Jazeera our domestic “poor” (using poor loosely here) are crying foul how Middle Eastern airlines like Qatar, Emirates etc are in a way kicking their butts in International travel.

Let us jump to the claim directly: American, Delta and United CEOs claiming that Emirates, Etihad and Qatar all get government subsidize and hence those 3 large legacy airlines can’t compete! Let us say ok Emirates, Eithad and Qatar get government help have the 3 major airlines forgot they also got government help….I’m sure Mr. Parker American CEO would deny he got a penny from the government.

What do you call filing for Bankruptcy Mr. Parker? Airline Golden Parachute ? As a matter of fact all USA airlines at one point filled at least once if not twice for bankruptcy protection which allowed them to wipe billions of debt to their creditors and billions from their investors. While this can be argued this is the law of bankruptcy and not government help it’s all semantics to me. No matter what you got bailed out to continue operations. In other words if UAE & Qatar pumps money into their national airlines the USA pumps money into your airline by allowing you to go into bankruptcy and wipe your debts over and over!

You want to be competitive in the international market Mr. Andersen (Delta CEO), how about better planes with better staff and better customer service? I know novel idea isn’t it? What provide our customers with better service? How dare they (customers) speak and don’t buy american made products! All of those 3 CEOs need to consider themselves lucky enough that American Laws doesn’t allow domestic competition from foreign airlines. If that happened same fate will come upon those airlines what happened to the big three in the auto industry when Japanese car makers entered. Look where we are now? Better cars all over and service (competition is good). I ask our federal government to allow Emirates, Eithad & Qatar to provide domestic services and we will notice a major shit within Delta, AA & United … the shift will be in:

1. Better planes: From newer and cleaner (I have seen and rode many dirty airlines locally)

2. Better service and less fees: Checked in Baggage fees needs to be eliminated, build it in ticket price. You want to add fees add it to carry one luggage (allow only one and charge for rest) –> better safer boarding

3. Better staff and not people with pulse. Mr. Andersen I have sat next to your flight attendants and baggage people in airport and planes guess what.. you got people that careless about your passengers. Grumpy flight attendant should not be allowed in planes period.


For the record I’m a Delta frequent flyer and shareholder as well. I wish Delta would improve those regional planes and switch to newer models and higher better staff. I can only wish don’t I but haven’t lost hope yet.



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