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Children, not Israel, the innocent victims in Gaza

August 8, 2014

This is my article that was published in Evansville Courier and Press Aug 7th, 2014. It was in response to Susan Estrich postings


I couldn’t help but respond to Susan Estrich’s article on July 28 in our newspaper. This is the second time within a week the Courier & Press has published her opinion.

Ms. Estrich (and some of your readers) feel that Palestinian children do not deserve to be treated as humans and therefore the genocide against them is OK since Israel claims it’s defending itself from Hamas.

Ms. Estrich quotes an email from a “friend” in Israel about Israel being viewed as a villain in the world community but that they shouldn’t be.

Ms. Estrich and some of your readers as well, think this is not about conquering a foreign land since Israel withdrew from Gaza back in 2005, but about protecting itself.

While on the surface this is true, both parties need to live in peace. Readers tend to turn a blind eye and deaf ear on what Israel did after the withdrawal from Gaza.

Israel created a fence around Gaza to stop terrorist attacks by Hamas. This on the surface is something any nation would do to protect its people. This is something we probably need to do in our southern borders to protect from drug cartels and illegal crossing. But what the average person fails to understand is that not only did Israel create fences on land but on sea and on air.

Gazan people are limited where they can fish which translates to hitting fishermen and economy of this coastal area. Gaza airport was controlled by Israel; it controlled flight schedules and later on decided to bomb the airport!

What do you think Mexico would do if the United States told them we will control your sea, air and enclose the rest of the country with a huge fence? Do you think Mexican people would not react to such a prison?

Israel has imprisoned the people of Gaza in what we would call a concentration camp. You have 1.8 million people living in 140-square-mile area. That is 13,000 people/square mile (Evansville has 2,700 people/square mile) being controlled and forbidden free movement except within the boundaries!

Israel claims to be same as the U.S. as a modern free country and its protecting its people, but that is far from the truth, when we got attacked during 9/11 the U.S. didn’t eradicate the population of Afghanistan or Pakistan, where Bin Laden was hiding. On the contrary the U.S. took such a care for the inhabitants to find the villain among them.

Israel on the other hand has no regards for human rights and they are no better than Hamas (who in my opinion care less about their people), Israel has bombed schools, hospitals and targeted civilians in the hope of putting pressure on Hamas to stop.

They have the means and technology (compliment of our tax dollars) to do strategic targeting of Hamas leaders and pluck them off without causing the mass civilian loss. Israel chooses not to!

Finally if we still think Israel is such a great free country why in the world are they still an occupier of the West Bank and we can’t hold them to U.N. mandates? They are destroying Palestinian houses to make room for their illegal settlement against the U.N. and international mandate yet we look the other way and say this is their right as an occupier!

In this country we protect animals from abuse; can we at least use the same protections of animals to protect the poor children in Gaza? Or is a child’s life worthless in Gaza?

As a civilized nation we need to understand why this conflict has started and how killing children will only breed hatred and more killing. What Gazan people want is freedom to conduct their own business and live in peace. Open up trade between Egypt and Israel, let Gaza use their sea and air just like any other free country. Commerce brings nations together and extremist voices would be silenced.

Back in early 70s to mid 80s it was peaceful. My late grandfather worked as a chef for an Israeli restaurant, We used to ride the bus to West Bank without borders and security checks.

Extremists on both sides are holding everyone hostage while not allowing the rest to live in peace. Ms. Estrich and the like need to understand the other side before casting their stones.


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  1. Deanna phelps permalink

    Are you an ISIS supporter? Pure Islamic verbage. If they would stop shooting off missles at Israel from hospitals and schools, their kids would no longer be blown up. SIMPLE.They would have to get a regular job, go to work 7-5, and wouldn’t have all this time to teach their kids to hate the “Pig Faced Jews and Monkey men Christians. It will continue as long as the Muslims love Death more than the Christians and Jews love Life. Time for them to join the 21st century.”
    Reply to this email to comment on this

    • An interesting reply from a person that probably never stepped a foot in the Middle East region!
      First of all, I’m not an ISIS supporter, they are thugs looking destroy image of Islam in name of God, just like I do not hold all Christians accountable for the few priests that in name of Christ they took advantage of kids. What do you have to say about Christianity during the Inquisition period? Sounds to me another blood thirsty religion if we take your line of thinking!

      As for your argument find a job, easier said and done, imagine I hold you prisoner in your own house, I control, when you can leave house to outside (but not all way outside just your yard), oh I control your electricity and water and make sure you get enough food. As a parent you will want to fight for your kids survival if they get sick or hungry and you start throwing whatever your hands can grab from your house at me outside. On the other hand I retaliate by demolition your house! Then you get another bystander yelling at you saying “GET A JOB”…
      Your reply would be:….. I would if I can get out, I only want to help my kids.
      But it seems to me people are loosing compassion for another human being because it easy to judge from our high pedestal while chowing down and wasting food.
      That region you speak of calling everyone names!!! is the birth place of all three religions so either you are for killing innocent people aka “children” which using your words makes Christian love Death as well more than life!

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