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Open letter to Time Warner Customers

November 27, 2013

I would like to draw attention to other Time Warner customers in the Tri-State area (Evansville, Indiana), look at your monthly bill carefully this season. While everyone in the spirit of holiday TWC is either sneaking in extra charges or increasing your rate outside what was agreed on or both in my case. For example bill more than doubled and they added service I don’t even have! You can try to call TWC to get it resolved but you will be switched around in the hope you get tired and just pay the additional rates. In my case I was told oops sorry looks like we made a mistake after few 2 hours, but rep couldn’t correct it!

This has happened to a group of us. As a concerned citizen I wanted to advice the public from the current scam that TWC is running during this holiday season. If you have automatic deduction you might not know it until it’s too late and funds been taken out. Check your bill and make sure you do not give up until it’s corrected or cancel like we all did.

Happy Holidays

Attached are pictures of my old bill (October) and New one from TWC (Nov) you will see bill went from $127 to $316! and best part I like the $5 Home WiFi charge! I don’t even use their WiFi equipment!

This is my OCT bill

This is my OCT bill


My NOV bill

My NOV bill



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