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Israel says bad Iran deal will bring war!

November 20, 2013

What a joke. I never understood how on earth Benjamin Netanyahu is even allowed to speak. I get all the democracy of Israel (if that’s what they call it) and freedom of speech. But come on, Israel which has nuclear weapons but refuses to acknowledge it or abided by International treatise in regard to nuclear arsenal criticizes Iran for wanting the same?

Iran and Israel is what USA & USSR used to be, an arm race with jabs at each other until both sides grown up & realized mutual destruction isn’t the way to go.
All Middle East countries (including India & Pakistan) needs to be a nuclear free zone. God knows we have enough of those weapons to destroy the earth multiple times.
The problem here is Israel, would they 1st Man Up? And acknowledge the nuclear weapons they have or would they continue ignoring international laws but want those laws implemented on others?

Our senators who are on the take from the Jewish lobby can’t vote on this matter. Nothing like asking the fox to protect the hen’s 🙂

I say sanctions on all until we are free from WMDs

In case you wanted to learn about Israel nuclear weapons here’s a link


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