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Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, FL

November 17, 2013

Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando

9700 International Drive Orlando, Florida 32819

(888) 697-9155

Nov 11-14, 2013 Stay

Price paid: $206/night, booked thru work conference

The hotel is part of six (6) other Rosen hotel properties, it’s about 12 miles from Orlando International Airport and next to the Orange County Convention Center.

The attached video will highlight some of the property details.

I took a cab from airport to hotel, had some guy that work there open the door and get my luggage from trunk, but that was the extent of it! No welcome, or can I help you with that, not sure what their purpose, if you can’t be nice to your guests step aside….On the other hand during check-in process the reception staff was friendly and welcomed me to the property. I was given a room that I requested, away from elevator and on high floor.

Room was clean, nice state of the art phones, but would have preferred more electrical outlets. TV worked good with plenty of channels to appease everyone. One draw back the remote control, I don’t think it gets cleaned (YUCK), so bring Wet Napkins with sanitizer, you need it to wipe the remote and probably the phones if you planning to touch them. (see remote picture). Bed was comfortable so were the pillows and I slept like a baby. The iron was super clean, so you will have no issues ironing your clothes to be ready for your next day meeting.

The gym was large with 3 treadmills, 2 elepticals, 2 bikes and full range of weights, the equipment in good shape, but if you are expecting to have your own entertainment center on each machine…well Forget ABOUT IT, you are stuck watching whatever the person ahead of you is watching on TV.

The place has: Game Room for kids , Night Club, souvenir store, coffee shop (serving Starbucks), Fine Dinning (Sea Food & Steak), Bar area, Cafe Matise (servicing Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner) Buffet breakfast runs $12, finally you have 24 hours snack bar and store for those midnight snacks or sandwiches you desire. By the way, if you expecting free Coffee in the morning besides the one in your room, FORGET ABOUT IT, either you do the buffet or the Starbucks or buy it from snack bar $2.40 for 16oz.
During my stay I tried the Jack restaurant & hotel bar area at both places if you try to deviate from what’s on menu you will be given the “look” then get told can’t be done & Finally allow you to get what you want with a frown! You would think if you paying high price for everything service be top notch & listen to their customers but that’s not the case. Odd In other words if you go expecting high customer service you would be disappointed.

The pool is large and outdoor.

Internet: I did Speedtest check on it using Miami FL server and got 4MB up and down. That’s actually very good compared to what I have seen in other places. I wonder what speed I would get if my room was closer to router! I only had two bars out of 5 and still got this speed 🙂


Click here to watch the video of this property


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