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Mt. Vernon IN, fertilizer plant job creation

November 10, 2013

I wanted to congratulate the citizens of Posey County and special congratulations to Mayor John Tucker and Mr. Taylor for having the foresight to go after what is good for their county and city. They were able to accomplish this with Governor Pence against the project even when his predecessor Mitch Daniel was for it.

The Republican Party used to be for creating jobs, pro business and decrease spending; this is not the case anymore at least in our State. Take a look at Governor Pence and Mayor Winnecke both Republicans and both seems to be against creating high income jobs in this great State of ours. The Governor for example put a road block against the new fertilizer plant to be built in Mt Vernon; reason was “Safety concerns that the fertilizer produced by Fatima Group in Pakistan had been making its way into improvised explosive devices in Afghanistan”  Fatima Group is one of the investors for this project.

According to the Governor logic is he suggesting Republicans wants to be for Gun control and remove all guns from people positions? Guns make their way to criminal hands just like Fatima fertilizers! When SABIC bought GE Plastics we heard the sky is falling and how can we have Saudi company buy GE Plastics, ask the people that work there, SABIC been good citizen to the city of Mt Vernon and I’m sure Fatima Group will be. Just because one Apple is bad doesn’t make everyone is bad Mr. Governor.

How about the Mayor of Evansville and his job creation model? Too much energy and time was spent on getting a downtown hotel (Double Tree by Hilton) while it’s a great idea, it can only be feasible if and only if a business sees a Return on their investment. What the Mayor tried to do is sink the city into debt by issuing bonds to pay for this hotel rather than allow the market dictate when such a venture can take place. Without few of good city council members we (Evansville Citizens) would have been stuck paying more for this venture! Not to mention a hotel doesn’t bring high income jobs to this area.

What a stark difference between Mayor of Evansville and Mayor of Mt Vernon, while one mayor was busy creating low income jobs and giving away the house the other mayor was busy working hard to create high income jobs.

I have a simple request to the GOP, follow your platform and don’t deviate from it and you will succeed.  Rebuilding the Economy and Creating Jobs is second on your list, but you can’t do that with minimum wage jobs! We need high income jobs in this area, good manufacturing and high tech companies, once you have that the service industry will follow. Governor Pence please stop wasting your time going after the new Affordable Care Act, nowhere in GOP platform it says go after law of the land! It says create jobs but that too you are against! Support the new plant and congratulate Posey County for showing you how business can be done.

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