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November 10, 2013

The world is evolving and reaching out to clients in this ever changes in technology becoming a challenge to small and medium size business. The progression in marketing and reaching future clients has been evolving. Print media such as newspapers and magazines used to be the king where a company communicated in one way stream to their future customers via ads. Along came the TV where you can have animated ads but nevertheless still a one way stream. Along came the internet and with it people migrated from reading the news into the World Wide Web (on our PCs) while using DVRs to skip commercials on TV. The next progression has been social media and smart phones; we are always on the go constantly attached to our phone starting to conduct most of our social and business life on it.
LocationOffers is working into taking you to the next level of this progression.

Our Mission

To provide an efficient and inexpensive marketing outlet to small and medium size businesses who would like to reach the ever increasing mobile users and future customers.

Our Vision:

This is how we implement our mission and move forward.

  • Provide an easy to use medium for businesses and our users alike
  • Keep cost down to increase ROI for our business users
  • Provide a fast reach based on statics and demographics for businesses to target specific customers while empowering our customers to reach out to those business
  • Keep our technology fresh and moving with time to meet demands for everyone

Currently LocationOffers is being tested in Evansville, IN with 2014 to be launch at various cities. Currently LocationOffers has over 50 registered businesses in Evansville area and over 800 registered users overall.

Locationoffers is working hard to improve their site and by end of the year a new redesigned site will be up and running, so stay tuned for what will be next.

To download Locationoffers on your phone and enjoy savings please go to your Android or iOS market.

Click here to download from Android market

Click here to download from iOS market



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