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How to get your company secrets out

October 7, 2013

Delta flight #4206 from Evansville to Detroit.
As usual you would have a person setting next to you (except in rare occasions where you alone) now most business flyers know this hour flight goes quickly & use time to catch up on reading, take a snooze, listen to music or just relax.
There comes a time when you encounter a person who just doesn’t get it. Or what I normally refer to BMOC (Big Man On Campus) those are the ones that really entertain me & provide us with things to talk about.
Take this poor soul that sat next to me not knowing what he is into 🙂

First he gets his phone out during take off to send an email & keep hitting refresh thinking he will get reply in a minute!

This is not best part thou, his best is getting his laptop out & started typing, not sure if he was clueless or just doesn’t care, but you will notice from various pictures I took his thoughts & his ideas.
I feel bad for his company allowing him to have electronics for all the world to see.

Companies mentioned on here are: Folio System software & Glenmede Trust Company







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