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Airline frequent flyer reward bad rep

August 12, 2013

Mr. Elliott Column in USA Today which was published on Aug 13, 2013 had a negative opinion in regards to airlines frequent flier rewards, It amazes me how many so-called “experts  travelers” keep attacking the airline industry about their rewards & programs . The USA article goes on to mention that your frequent miles are not yours & airlines such as Delta & United can change them any time or make it harder to redeem. I ask those called Consumer advocates how are these programs different from others such as hotels, Car rentals & dinning ?

Airlines are for profit just like other business out there. Therefore as a business looking to reward your customers You want to Make sure the ” big spenders” The  ones who are driving your profits are well taken care of. Mr. Elliott article showed an example of a silver medallion attorney from Miami didn’t get a preferred treatment from Delta! A silver medallion while indicates you travel more than the general public isn’t a “road worrier”. From my past experience with airlines if you missed your flight they will try to accommodate your travels and book you on the next one,but if this attorney came in  demanding to be placed on the next like even though it was his fault to begin with and the dump agents will not be as helpful as you wanted to be.

Are we living in the i-entitled world that we don’t appreciate the services provided to us & say thank you? The ticket you buy (unless its first class) entitle you to go from point A to B in a safe & fast way period. Being part of a loyalty or reward program is What I call additional Perks. This is nothing more than being or having a loyalty program for restaurants. Do you get a special meal? OR special table? NO its same way airlines use the programs for Marketing and keeping tab on of their big spenders for special Comps such as % off your meal. Being a loyal to certain establishment might give you edge over others by being Known there & gaining maybe a better seating just like airlines do.

Hotels have loyalty programs that rewards “big spenders” & not consumers that shopped for lowest rate. Yes room would have sat empty until last min big discount deal from various websites. BUT you as a consumer wouldn’t You want to have your “reward” based on $ spent & not just # of nights? if You ever owned & operated a business before you know you want to keep your loyal big spenders happy as they are the one bringing you profits.

Delta & United are doing just that, revamp their programs to keep true loyal customers happy & make profit to continue operations. The small rewards such as early boarding, using special line for TSA, casual upgrades to first of business class that you haven’t paid for,  earning few mile points that might be redeemed are a bargain in my opinion even if I have same seat as guy next to me who purchased it on for his once a year leisure trip.

People in general are loyal to one brand or another without setting a “tangible”reward. Does Ford, GM and the likes Provide rewards if you are loyal to their brand & and spend tens of thousands of Dollars ? NO.

I differ with so-called consumer advocates, I say find a loyalty reward program & stick with so long as you are getting the services you want & not being charge more than Competitors. so get with the program be loyal to a certain brand and you might be flying for free one-day.


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