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Microsoft cuts Surface Pro tablet prices by $100 – CNET Mobile

August 4, 2013

What this tech giant needs to do is to: 1. Eliminate RT & Pro and create one OS. They are stuck on thinking of Windows for home use or Windiws for biz. Tablets for consumer consumption think it that way. 2. One tablet model that not only can use apps (which are limited) but other WIN software be tge idea to go. Of course figuring out not to be a memory hog is the issue here 3. To grab market share Apple and Samsung. You do not price your tablet higher than those two! 4. You spent over $800 million on dancing ads that shows the keyboard is an integral part of this tablet. Sell them both as one and not charge extra. Or else you need a better matket manager than the one who approved that ad. Concentrate why tablet better than others that you dont have to pay extra for. In summary, i would have bought one if Tablet had one OS priced at $509 with keyboard. Now like everyone else wonder will RT survive? What will happen to poor folks who bought it at higher price… Microsoft cuts Surface Pro tablet prices by $100 – CNET Mobile –$100/57596910

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