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June 29, 2013

With recent news about Barnes & Nobel losses and Best Buy lower sales both attributing it to on-line competition from Amazon. One would wonder who the cause of this? While part of the issue be management blunder at those two giants the other be Us the Consumers.
Todays consumer is the Me generation without thinking of the consequences of their actions. For the average users what books Amazon has the Barnes & Nobel doesn’t carry? Or why do you go to Best Buy to “play” with electronics only to order it from Amazon for same price?
Some might argue its cheaper at Amazon, have you asked for price match which both do? Or does the sales tax scary you at which I say if you can’t afford paying this tax you have to reason to spend your cash.
We are harming our local economy more than we realize.
Does Amazon hire your friends, kids, neighbors and support Evansville in any shape or form? Does Amazon pay taxes, rent properties in our area?

Answer is NO. BUT Barnes and Nobel does, they are the only large bookstore in our town. Books A Million & Borders shut down leaving empty spaces behind and number of unemployed people and loss of revenue to our city.
Best Buy is hanging in there, allowing the consumer the chance to view the products and get local support.

We keep our habits by supporting Amazon then it’s only us to blame when both of those two decides to shut down operations for lack of community support.

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