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Dutch Supreme Court rules that Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 design doesn’t infringe upon iPad

June 1, 2013

The Dutch showing what rest of world showed Apple… it’s just a cry baby with nothing in pipeline to innovate.So Apple resolve to suing instead of innovating.

But its a shame to see from Judge Koch in CA to her jury are nothing more than puppets to Apple…how could the case be heard in a court room where Apple was as around the corner? The Judge and Jury must been part of the old Simpson jury and brain washed by Apple mania in the State Of California.

I keep saying Apple came with nice products, but it wasn’t that unique! You stay this course you will be smashed by next product….get your resources away from lawyers and into R&D.

Look at history and you might learn something..see what happened to Motorola when the RAZR phone was a hit, or PALM one of the first of smartphones to go in mainstream (sorry Apple don’t think you were first there) or Blackberry phones that were every where you looked. You snooze you loose in this high pace industry.

Dutch Supreme Court rules that Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 design doesn’t infringe upon iPad –,_Ltd.

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