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Egypt revolution has failed…Bassem Yossef charged for making fun of Egyptian President!

April 4, 2013

US Embassy in Cairo Is Trying to Cover Up the Time They Tweeted a ‘Daily Show’ Link –

It looks like my open letter to the Egyptian people (published Feb 5, 2012) went on deaf ear. This new revolution is nothing but a sham with this new leadership.

The new Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has shown to the world that not only he is any different than previous leaderships but in fact worse. While Previous President Hosni Mobarak wasn’t any angel he still held the country together and Egypt was a safe place for tourists and businesses people to be there.

Mr. Morsi needs to give up his seat to the people of Egypt who actually put you there and paid for it with their blood. You are going after comedians now!!! In the claim he made fun of you and Islam? How about the people that are killing, abusing the law and raping women left and right? Or are we going to quote our Koran and say GOD’s WELL and we can’t do anything about it.

You are the one that is giving Islam a bad name, I truly hoped with how semi peaceful this uprising toppled President Mobabark, Egypt can show the world how democracy is done. OH I was so wrong, it’s sad your people paid with their blood only to abuse the power.

Bassem Youssef, Thank you for bringing humor to serious subjects and thank you for showing us Egyptian people still have great people like yourself who would stand up for the wrong that is happening there.

What I’m also not proud of is our USA Embassy in Egypt hiding the fact they sent tweet to John Stewart Daily Show.  Why hide it, we have freedom of speech, I don’t see how this would cause a huge issue with Egyptian President. He needs to get over it.

I will quote John Stewart: “When you are actually powerful don’t have to be pity ”

Finally I recommend watching John Stewart clip on Yotube:

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