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My 2012 Predictions

December 30, 2012

Well at the start of the year I predicted the following:

  1. Obama & Clinton ticket
  2. Obama wins with small margin
  3. Iraq will be in full fledged civil war
  4. Syria stays its course, while everyone does nothing
  5. Mayan prediction is a bust
  6. Gas will avg $3.85 nationwide
  7. S&P 500 at 1400
  8. Unemployment at 8.5%
  9. Greece declares bankruptcy while Spain & Italy close to it
  10. IPAD 3 will be a hit while Google struggles with its new ICS in tablets … ok I know easy one 🙂

So let us see which came true which was a bust which we can say maybe.

# 1 You can say I was hoping this be a better ticket and get Clinton ready to run in 2016, but I was far from it, in fact she no longer is  the Secretary of State for Obama second term. How sad.

#2 Obama did win, but not by a small margin it was rather by a larger margin 332 vs 206 to Romney. Romney really MUCKED it up every time he opened his mouth. Republicans wake up and smell the coffee and get your house in order.

#3  Iraqi still fighting among themselves, won’t say full fledged civil war but nevertheless a civil war with no peace in the horizon.

#4 Syrian war is escalating on daily basis

#5 Hello if this was true, I won’t be here typing this

#6 While we have reached those peaks multiple times during 2012, prices been falling for 3 months straight and now we are averaging $3.26 for regular

#7 S&P is at 1402. I say that was prety darn close…only 2 points off

#8 I was far off on this one (which is good news in away) unemployment has dipped below 8% and currently is standing at 7.9%

#9 Greece still afloat with early help from Germany and IMF. The jury still out on the country or the people if they can continue on this path or fall back into old ways and unable to pay all these loans

#10 Yup iPad still kicking Android Tablets and now Google has Microsoft to deal with with their Surface tablet. I think without Samsung support to Android Tablets, Google OS in tablet arena would be dead.


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