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Israel drawn into Syria conflict, fires missile across border – World News

November 12, 2012

Most comments in regards to the article talks about how Israel is right for once to respond! While at this time I will not argue the idea of one country (Israel) occupying another land (Golan Heights), the irony here is that we (the Arabs) only show how strong we are when it involves killing each other. Golan Heights been occupied for 45 years and during those years the Syrian army couldn’t free the land Israel took from them back in 1967, yet in a year and half they managed to kill over 36,000 of their own people!

This by itself shows me that the Assad & Co. regime not only weak but coward and lacks any foresight to protecting their people or working for the best interest of Syria. If his and his late father army is as strong as they are showing they could have fought and won back the land they lost (WEAK). Now Since we know this army is weak and only can kill unarmed people, Assad & Co are coward leaders by not wanting to admit that and make peace with Israel and return the Golan Heights similar to what Egypt did.

Since majority of Arab leaders can’t stop the bloodshed in Syria, then if Israel fired few missiles and hit the regime in retaliation, Arab countries showed not cry foul. As for the USA, we know their stand anyway, so should not come as a surprise to outsiders why they haven’t convinced UN to impose a no Fly Zone over Syria. NO OIL which in return means no way to pay us back by imposing such a thing…. YES I’m with USA on this; I do not want my tax dollars going to something with no ROI such as lending $$ to Israel as well. Yet only way around it is that, rest of Arab Countries could pay for such no Fly Zone if they chose to.

Again, I’m baffled how Arab leaders can flex their muscles against their own people yet they run and hide against a true enemy!

Israel drawn into Syria conflict, fires missile across border – World News –


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