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Credit unions gaining ground on banks – Life Inc.

November 12, 2012

I still think Credit Union at most would beat traditional big box banks, what is the convince this article talks about? Having  branch to go to? How many of us go to branch on daily basis? You got direct deposit, now you can use your debit card at most grocery stores and get cash back, so what else? you want to use ATM, you can use any Credit Union ATM for free!

Loans… well if you are smart shopper you would shop for lowest rate anyone, if you are dumb as a rock then sorry about your luck if big bank cheat you, just don’t come crying to me. Any other banking issues probably not needed except once a month if even.

Credit Unions treat their members like family since it’s member owned and not shareholder owned.  Final note, credit unions are better financially than most banks, since they do not engage in risky behavior then ask the government for bailout.

Credit unions gaining ground on banks – Life Inc. –


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