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Here’s to the iSheep, iPhone 5 vindicates them

September 21, 2012

Here’s to the iSheep, iPhone 5 vindicates them –

The only ones that will be laughing are the Shareholders of Apple.

Rests of iSheeps are mere blind looking for instant gratification worshiping a device in God like form.

I never understood why some would chose to wait for hours for something that will still be there tomorrow? This is not a collectible item by any means?

Who else in this world can convince people that a phone is God and worth paying extra for? NO ONE CAN but YOU. You have the ability to turn normal people into sheep following the Sheppard without any questions.

Apple you are the best company ever, that is a fact. You have convinced us a commodity product like yours is rare and full of new innovation! By the way, the word innovation is used lightly here. Step out of the way you other none humans, I’m standing in line waiting for next 24 hours to buy a phone that looks COOL to hold and full of new Apple innovation. This new mapping Apple came up with, no one has done this before! Who else but Apple can give me directions to my destination, this is sooooo cool having maps and GPS and I won’t get lost.

Wait what is GPS?

Sorry Apple fans, but it’s too darn funny and Sad watching people line up for hours!!!

I do admire Apple for turning around from almost bankrupt to most valuable company in the world, also do admire how they make good eco-system integration (if you are welling to give some freedom away).


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