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Ryan slams Obama on Middle East

September 15, 2012

Ryan slams Obama on Middle East –

The 8 years under Previous President Bush/Cheney must have slipped of Ryan’s mind. He is attacking President Obama failed Middle East policies? Are you for real? Did you forget that your previous leader couldn’t & wouldn’t follow his dad footsteps in true diplomacy; he decided to attack Iraq under the context of WMD and lies that Saddam was part of 9/11.  Mr. Romney already stirred things in the Middle East when he opened his mouth during his trip to Israel… He is all for making an occupied land (Jerusalem) the capital of Israel! Yup same footsteps as previous Republican President no regards to International laws

President Bush was the one that let the most wanted man slip away. The Republican Party needs to tone down its neo conservative image & lack of understanding to Middle East cultural. This kind of thinking by the wanna be President & VP will take us backward in International relations.

What’s next? Telling anyone in this country that is not White with Blue eyes to ride in the back of bus? Deport the people that want to work in this country to keep the lazy ones in because they were born here and it’s their RIGHT and FREEDOM to ask for government handout?

FORGET ABOUT IT…. I’m tired of the FAR RIGHT and LEFT GROUPs thinking it’s their way or the highway. Can’t we be in the middle?

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