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Samsung: Apple trying to limit consumer choice

September 1, 2012

Samsung: Apple trying to limit consumer choice – Here we go again….While Apple is failing to innovate new product it’s counting on judge friendly from CA to help out in blocking competition! Apple your iPhone has stayed the same look & feel while other makers are passing you by. Stop you unfonded claims about Samsung, HTC & others that they copied your design. While you have good product (l’ll give you that) you have a great marketing machine. Who else in the business world can convince consumers that your phone is one of its kind? Only you can Apple. That’s a great business model that is an envy to all. But at some point you need to move with time, look at Palm, they were the 1st smartphones but lacked away to improve with time. Now look at RIM their flagship blackberry controlled the business world until you started pentrating that market. Apple your problem is that you are running out of steam, your designs, looks & features for your devices are lacking now. So what is the most logical thing to do instead of R&D …. start suing other to dealy the inventable…. loosing market share quickly. Technology changes fast…keep up or move out. Coming with same iPhone but label it iPhone 4s since you purchased the company that made Siri or calling same Ipad New Ipad is not innovation BUT great marketing ploy. You Apple lacking R&D not your competion. Google is being passive but sooner or later once Google & it’s partners pull their resources together you would be burried in legals & your company starts slipping away.

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