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Ex-Motorola employee claims it was harder to work with Google after acquisition

August 14, 2012

Ex-Motorola employee claims it was harder to work with Google after acquisition –

According to the article, Google is walking a thin line & doesn’t want to be shown as taking sides. The author does ask if you think Google should follow Apple by having one eco system & shutdown their supporters (Samsung & HTC).

For my part, Google can play this game correctly & have the entire market under its belt. They need to balance between Motorola mobile & other vendors by:

  1. Still provide other mobile vendors with code & support. Business as usual.
  2. Use Google clout & Motorola to muscle ATT, Verizon and the like by:
    1. Having a consistent one phone look all over networks ( Samsung doing this now with S3)
    2. Not allowing cell phone companies to modify the OS by boatloading phone with unwanted Apps
    3. Create easy to use integration between Smartphone & future Motorola tablet
    4. Control update releases to phone which means no longer cell companies have hold of that.

Doing so would allow Google to balance between making their biggest partners at ease of owning Motorola Mobile and yet propel Motorola to new levels and stop wasting un-necessary resources by having multiple phones.

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