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Apple tells judge Samsung leaked evidence

August 1, 2012

Apple tells judge Samsung leaked evidence – All I can think of is the Judge bias towards Apple & Samsung will not receive a fair trial.
We have a judge that doing what she can to prevent Samsung from showing Apple copied the iPhone idea from Sony. My thoughts about the judge:
1. She owns Apple stocks directly or indirectly
2. Have family or close friend working at Apple
3. Trying to protect a CA company from Korean company

What Samung needs to do:
1. Find evidance connecting the judge to Apple & asking for new trial and ift ban on its Tablets
2. Get Google on the band wagon to sue Apple
3. Get Sony to file a lawsuite showing Apple stole their design

Only then Apple will wise up drop the case or get slapped with huge fine and a black eye.

Advice to Apple, do what you do best which is repackaging technolgy in a format that appeals to the maases of your follwers & stop this riducles case.

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