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Samsung vs Apple Case Is Proxy for Google

July 30, 2012

Samsung Case Is Proxy for Google –

To me the question remains whether Google will throw its weight behind Samsung to protect its Android or not?

If Google stands idle then it will be missing on the next generation of technology & face similar fate like Yahoo & AOL. Allowing Apple to win such a case would mean Android phone will be a thing of past…..anyone remember PALM? Apple claim of Samsung & other companies stealing its design is mind boggling when the company itself was founded on stealing various designs & technologies.

Did Apple really invent the Smartphone, tablets or even what started it all the IPod? No way, they (Apple) followed the Japanese mentality take a technology & make it better.  Hey nothing wrong with that but do not go around claiming you My PALM did what Apple claim was all new when iPhone came to market and people were gullible enough to believe that  it was only device in market that can play music, take pictures and use it as phone! My PALM at that time did all of that! Just poor company didn’t have a good marketing as Apple.

So now Apple with their big head believes their own lie that they came up with this technology! How about the Tablet? Wasn’t Mr. Gate that back in 2002 that coined the term Tablet PC and introduced the 1st one? Yes it was if you wondering. He stood up and said Tablets will be the next big thing. He was ahead of his time during the prediction & his tablet wasn’t as “cute” as the iPad. So again Apple who stole what here?

Google wake up & smell the coffee. If you don’t protect what you worked hard for you will be a thing of past. Support Samsung against its fight, sue Apple using the various patents you gained acquiring Motorola Mobile and finally create a common cohesive OS for phone & Tablets.

I’m not dogging Apple here and saying they are the evil, I just do not like a company to go around sue other companies for doing the same thing Apple did! In fact I do admire a company that came from the verge of bankruptcy to be the most valuable company in the world. They are a great marketing machine, that can convince their users their devices are the best and no one else has them. Wish I worked for a company that could do such a marketing technique. I tell you what you want and you will pay me premier for it! LOVE IT

PS. In case you were wondering who came up with first MP3 player (wrong again not Apple), it was a Korean company.

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