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Sheraton Houston West

July 19, 2012

Sheraton Houston West

11191 Clay Road · Houston, Texas 77041 · United State

Phone: (281) 501-4200

Date Stayed at: 7-17-2012 to 7-20-2012

Entering the property

The property is close to Invensys in Houston Equity office, GE Oil & Gas & Cameron group. This is a new property and everything inside is fresh and clean.

As you can see from this picture this is what you are greeted with when you first enter, nice set-up with ample space. As you can see natural light comes in and the area doesn’t look dark.

Going up to your room is kind of odd though, when you are inside the elevator you have to insert your key into a slot so you can press your floor! I mean come on, we are not in downtown Houston or in dangerous area and not like you are giving me an access to some executive floor level. I felt that was a bit cumbersome.


Now this is an interesting design for the room. The desk takes the entire wall! With AC unit hiding behind your desk! Why can’t they make central AC vents coming from the ceiling or walls anymore? The desk though has ample electric power for all of us that want to plug in our gadget

The room has a safe in it, but you know, I would have preferred a small fridge instead J but then again if you need card access in the elevator, they must want to tell us something here about security.

Now in my room I had 5 Lights I could have turned on, so I would say yes, ample lighting.

The curtain is modern and I didn’t see any dust settled on it, big plus for me.

The bed and pillows, you can sleep like a baby, the bed was just right and pillows as well, walk up refresh every day.

Now the small negative of this room is the storage. I didn’t have enough space to unpack my suite case! I had to keep some clothes in it! Why no drawers to speak of! There is this armor that you can hang clothes in it, but no drawers! There was small drawer to the left of the desk with a basket in it…I ended up using it to put my dirty clothes in it. Was just odd not much space to unpack.

I like where the TV is at but it’s stuck there so you can’t tilt it.

Looks dark because of the light coming from outside affecting my small camera on phone. Next picture you see the desk size. Two complimentary bottles of water are there for you.


Modern, yet lack space. The bathroom has double doors that open up, as you can see from the picture one door hits the shower, which is a stand up shower, so for those of you that want to take a bath, this isn’t the place for it. I did like the water pressure and didn’t have a problem with tempereture of the water. The bathroom was very clean. One draw back, maid forgot to put in Shampoo and I didn’t discover this until next day in the morning when I was in the shower. The staff did bring me one within 5 minutes though, so all is good there J


I used it for breakfast.

Set-up needs some improvement, as SPG reward guest we get the breakfast for free. It was buffet style with formal seating. The buffet had your normal stuff, eggs, bacon, hash browns, cooked waffles (really you couldn’t provide us with fresh ones!), fruit salad (was low so couldn’t have much), cereal (get to choose only two).

What was odd is that the table has jam but nowhere to be found bread and toaster! So not sure what was that for.

Staff at restaurant has some language barrier, coffee took time to serve and for some who like different creamers, well don’t look there. You have half and half on your table and that is it.

Exercise & Pool Area:

You want a good gym to work at, you are in luck here. This gym has it all 3 ellipticals, 1 bike and 2 treadmills, free weights, mats. And you have entertainment system on the cardio equipment, so don’t forget to bring your headphone, they do have headphones in package but I prefer my own. I enjoyed my work out and did break a sweat J

The pool on the other hand, for being in Texas that wasn’t big! It’s made for little kids and even the hot tub is tiny. Both of them were outside and I didn’t use them.

The pool designer must missed the idea that everything suppose to be big in Texas.

Staff in General:

Front desk staff been helpful and smiled.

The hotel tries to encourage SPG members to participate in being green by having your room skipped for cleaning. The catch you get $5 voucher to user at restaurant or 500SPG point credited to your account. I don’t know about you, but $5 voucher, I’ll pass since I do not see value from it (I get free breakfast and I wasn’t planning on using the restaurant or bar there). The 500 SPG points where enticing. To give you an idea you get Free nights starting at 3000 points all the way to 30,000 points depending on the hotel/resort you are at. For example this hotel would charge you 7500 points for one free night.

The draw back from this program (they have a door hanger that you have to have it outside before 2am) is that only thing housekeeping would do is empty your trash PERIOD. You want Shampoo, conditioner, towel tough luck go to front desk and get some. I tried it for two nights to see if they would notice I ran out of conditioner and the tiny soap is almost gone, nope wasn’t replaced. So for longer stays maybe skip a day, so you can have your room cleaned.

Anyway, over all very clean, quiet, friendly place to stay.



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