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Courtyard Cleveland Airport South

July 13, 2012

Courtyard Cleveland Airport South

7345 Engle Road · Middleburg Heights, Ohio 44130 USA

Phone: 1-440-243-8785

Date Stayed at: 7-10-2012 to 7-12-2012

Entering the property

The property is close to Cleveland Airport, about 10 minutes or less to the terminal. The property look and feel is your typical Courtyard setup. On the other hand once you enter the property this Courtyard has been re-configured to the “new” Courtyard look. See Below:

What we have is Courtyard model of being more business people centric, or so they claim. To give them a credit, I do like the reception area in an island look, which takes away the large separation between the guest and Courtyard person. I also do like the new open seating area they have with new furniture. (by the way this hotel lobby been remodeled in past 6 months).

This leaves us the “Café” style dinning. This when I say What were you thinking? Maybe some people like that, but the group I was with, 15 of us, none showed excitement about it and some flat out said this is ridicules.

Courtyard by Marriott, used to have a formal dining where you set down and get served. Now you go to counter, order, find a seat and they will bring you the stale food to you. I say stale because really I don’t see a kitchen but a microwave and a toaster behind the desk. I’m thinking they are trying to go for a Starbucks look and service, just not sure what they were thinking again. If you want to charge your guests for this food, have a real kitchen.

To me Courtyard to Marriott is what Hilton Garden Inn to Hilton, but I like HGI concept better, they charge none premier guest, but at least you have fresh to cooked breakfast or you can grab a quick continental breakfast from the buffet. Plain and simple. You get served coffee while you are seating enjoying your paper and not in and out of Café.

The staff has been friendly and all smiles, I really didn’t see one that showed signs of irritation or not liking what they do.


In General the room was clean. The problem is that the room still has not been remodeled yet, according to the staff all rooms will be remodeled in Nov 2012.

I felt the bed was way too soft but comfortable to lay on, the desk to work on lacked the normal power outlets you see from remodeled or new rooms at other hotels.

The AC, I’m thinking it will be donated to the Smithsonian after the remodeling, no real thermostat control, and had a brain of its own, couldn’t keep the temp steady in my room, either it was hot or cold!

Couch looked worn out.

TV was new!

With that being said since this will be remodeled in Nov of this year then we can save the final judgment until we see the final product.


OK just normal bathroom, but few times I smelled a sewer smell!


See my above comments

Exercise & Pool Area:

While I didn’t have chance to use it during my visit; it seemed clean and up to date with entertainment system at each machine. Free weight is also available in the room. The swimming pool is a decent size with a hot tub in the corner. Over all I liked the set-up

Staff in General:

Friendly with a smile


Would I chose this hotel again (mind you I have been there during the 1st renovation part), maybe to see how the new rooms look like and if we keep getting the special rate for our company. Any higher rate than $89/night for this facility I would say is a bit too much for what you get.



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  1. Good. I agree.

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