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On going battle of smoking ban at Evansville bars

July 9, 2012

Another lengthy article in Evansville Courier & Press on July 9 talking about the plight of poor bar owner’s in our city. What I didn’t see is the counter argument from bars & clubs that actually enjoying the benefits of the ban, or a study of other cities ban with pros & cons when smoking ban enacted few years back.

See article: (

What puzzled me is that Mr. Alsop speaks of costly renovations to add outside seating to accommodate smokers yet towards the end of the article he says “We have a war chest of money” What gives?
In other words his association which he is a member of and the President has enough cash to “donate” to lawyers instead of helping their own member’s succeed with innovative solutions.
Mr. Alsop & Co must not realize that the legal way will take time that his members seems to be running out of, of course not to mention large cash will be spent for legal.

The end results will still be the same, smoking ban remains in effect Period. Think when drinking age went from 18 to 21, oh the humanity of it, how dare the government regulate alcohol and not allow our 18 year old kids buy this refreshing beer, but seem we survived it.

Mr. Alsop & Co again fails to realize they entered a business that is highly regulated, has he heard of ATF? This is all under one regulated establishment in our government.

Here is an idea to you, the law allows private clubs to allow smoking, find out how you can use this loop hole for your members & convert them to private clubs. Better use of the war chest on this rather than lost cause, or how about offering your clients a way to quit smoking by having local gathering/support at these establishments.
Your smoking customers while individually might be smart, in a group they tend to act otherwise. Individual smokers know smoking is bad but you put group of smokers (or any other bad behavior groups) in one location and individuals well be afraid to say that’s bad or in other words afraid to stand out of the crowd and act different. The only way you can change your client’s behavior is being a good leader & you are no such Mr. Alsop.
To blame smoking bans on bars closing is ridicules idea, businesses come & go, you survive by innovating and not trying to hold to past, look at Apple it once was on verge of bankruptcy but yet found a way to convince people their product is new & better!

Please resign as President and let others with fresh ideas use the war chest money to better their members.


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