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SUV slams into Evansville home

July 8, 2012

OK I couldn’t just sit down and not comment about this article. It’s just too funny and needs to be on Jay Leno.

Of course this was not funny for the poor old lady that was inside the house and car basically ended up on her porch, what is funny is our Finest Evansville Police Department at work.

This is an exact quote from the article:” The driver or drivers of the vehicle fled the accident and Evansville Police Department officials said they do not know who the SUV belongs to or who was driving the vehicle.” And now this is the picture of the vehicle…

NO your eyes are not playing tricks on you, you do see the License plate of the car and car brand as well.

Our EPD needs to start doing their training during Primetime television where they can watch shows such as NCIS, CSI, Criminal Minds, etc. Doing so well help them to improve their skills and maybe earn some CU credits.

OK OK, EPD might say wait a minute, just because we can read the License Number, VIN # from car, this car is stolen and we do not know who was driving it anyway. So let me help you out here:

  1. Run the License number and find out the owner
    1. If Owner says its stolen, then find out where it was stolen from
      1. Start looking for witnesses that might have seen this happen and build your case from there
    2. If owner didn’t report it stolen:
      1. His Kid took it for a joy ride
      2. Owner was the one driving it!
  2. Don’t forget to dust the steering wheel for prints, which should have been year 2 in Police Academy.

Now I will be Good Samaritan and get the ball rolling for you:

The car is Ford Escape and from what I can tell it’s either 2011 or 2012,, treads on tire look new. License plate number 396ZZA, if you can get me the VIN I can run you a history checks on the car. The person must been moving from one place to another or living from his car, which at least you can see his/her picture.

Let us hope our EPD start doing some police work and not harass small businesses to pay for having a security system! Yes our Local government requires you to pay to have a security system and God forbid EPD gets dispatched to your businesses to protect your asset without paying them fee, you will get fined! Talk about organized crime…Pay me to protect you or else I will make you pay in a different way! They must be too scared to do real criminal investigation incase a business gets robbed and they would have no clue where to start! Just like in this story.

Finally, I really would hope this was a miscommunication and reporter quoted the officer wrong! We only can hope.

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