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Blogging will start again

June 7, 2012

It has been a while since I published my thoughts or responded to recent events….this is not because of lack of all “good” news ohhhh trust me so many things to write about.
I took a break from blogging as I was finishing my MBA, working on finishing my App & being “slump” lord.

Yes MBA finally done.

My site and Android APP went live June 2…..hold your horses Apple fan, we will have Iphone app by end of year. For now go to Google market & download locationoffers, the more of you do that the better the offers will be from businesses. Why you might ask, with greater numbers comes better influence, businesses want to offer great deals to attract lots of people to their venue. It’s a win-win….. Consumers we win by getting awesome offers delivered to our phones from locationoffers based on our proximity to venues. Business wins by gaining new sales & repeat customers.

As for the slump landlord, well I was just kidding; actually we turn units into better shape than they were purchased. Yes Mr Accountant it takes longer to get your ROI but look at long term horizon not next month, quarter, year or even 2 years. Find out what will you generate after 5 years & what is anticipated appreciation of investment during that time period. Finally, to beat competitors around you have to offer extra value & be able to demand more from same living space others have. End in mind….. Keep units rented while increasing rent.

All of this to tell you Shadi is back & you will start seeing various blogging coming your way 🙂


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