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Fuel Savings mean Small Cars will cost more lives each year!

April 30, 2012

The above headline was taking from Evansville Courier and Press, April 30, 2012. The writer is “Deroy Murdock” who considers himself from the “RIGHT” i.e. Republican.

Mr. Deroy Murdock has multiple claims in regards to Fuel Economy Standard and their affect on Automobile manufacturing and Safety.

First Claim: CAFE which was established back in 1975 to boost automobile efficiencies is making car prices go up! According to Mr. Murdock price of Aveo will go from $12700 to $15700 by 2025. What Mr. Murdock fails to understand is we have inflation in this country and the normal quoted inflation rate is about 3%. Taking his above example the $12,700 car at 3% inflation will cost $18,650 by 2025! So that means the car actually will cost less. Mr. Murdock claim of being $3000 more, but reality is $3000 LESS

Second Claim: Smaller cars kill people! While on the surface this is true. Yes in an accident a smaller car hitting a larger one would sustain more damage that is the laws of physics about Mass. But yet again the author doesn’t want to examine or discuss other issues, such as what causes those accidents, or what if the majority of cars switch from larger ones to smaller ones due to high gas prices, then his argument fails. This means those Think Tankers would have to find a different way saying causalities increases due to size of car.

What really gets me about this far right thinking is the quick blame on the President! How in the world this President is responsible of the CAFE law that was enacted back in 1975? Mr. Murdock is also unaware of what goes into manufacturing a vehicle. He talks about the virtues of larger cars but he also fails to mention they cost more (more weight + more bells & whistles = more cost) which still means the 6.8 Million people he speak of can’t afford one! I guess their next option is a scooter!

Mr. Murdock please remember not all large corporation (especially car manufacturing) are on top of technology like Apple for example, they either need a push or an external competition to show them their model lacks. Think before Japanese cars entered the market. The Big 3 had bulky, bad gas mileage, no real technology to show for, when Honda & Toyota came in with their products showing a smaller car, that became a hit and Big 3 emulated. Stop blaming Presidents on this issue, what’s next from Far Right, Obama caused Cuba crisis and killed Elvis? Oh wait he is responsible for the high gas prices and not the extra world demand we have (including larger cars). Running this country is like running a public corporation the CEO while he can do damage you have shareholders (that be us), board of directors (that be Congress and Senate) to stop things from going haywire.



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