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Open Letter to Egyptian People

February 5, 2012

First of all I wanted to commend you for the great step you have taken, the uprising you did a year ago against Hosni Mubarak 30 years old regime rule has shown the world what today’s youth are capable of. BUT here lies the problem you fought with blood to get your freedom only to turn the table around and start ransacking your own country with riots, killing and the likes…why?

The great Egyptian people need to rise again, gainst their fellow Egyptians who are turning this win into a defeat. Egypt at this juncture of the uprising needs to show to the World Community and in particular the Arab countries that Egypt still “Mother of the World” or as we say in Arabic “Masir Um Al-Dunia”. Civilizations started at the Nile and we have learned Agricultural, Buildings (look at the Great Pyramids), Astronomy, and Economics and YES EVEN the Political System.

It’s time to rise again and show us you can do it all over, your political system is in shambles and only you can fix it. The Army rules needs to end and open a way for next generation to lead the country into the 21st century, Egyptian people needs to get back into respecting their neighbors, properties and restore security to the country.

Finally, the trial for Hosni Mubarak needs to end, stop the theatrical show. While he was not the best President nevertheless he stepped down after three (3) weeks of people demanding him to do so. I say let bygone be bygone. Doing this simple gesture will show compassion and above all understanding that what you did has had influence on everyone in the Arab world. Mr. Mubarak didn’t do to you what Ghadaffi did to his people and what Mr. Assad is doing to his people. By letting go of the past you will be able to move forward in your future and Egypt can rise again to enlighten the world with how a peaceful transition can happen and provide the past for others to follow.

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