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Misleading information with e-readers and Tablets

November 18, 2011

Reading the article “Kindle Fire sacrifices to get under $200” by Peter Svensson from AP on Nov 18,2011, I come to ask myself: “What was this guy thinking and how in world Courier & Press didn’t catch it”.

It seems to me when someone speaks of technology that has Amazon and Apple we tend to take their words without a minor research. Why?

Would Evansville Courier & Press publish an article titled “Ford Focus sacrifices to get under $30,000”, then start discussing how Focus lacks in comparison to Corvette in speed, handling, etc to keep its price down? I bet you $30K the answer is no. Why because the average Joe and any teenager can tell you those two cars are not the same. Maybe if you compared Mustang Shelby & Corvette we are in the ballpark to do such an article but not Focus & Corvette.

Well this is exactly what Mr. Svensson is doing. Kindle Fire vs Apple Ipad? We have fallen for a marketing ploy that even some tech savvy reporters fails to see it. Kindle Fire is an e-reader no matter what Amazon wants you and me to believe; it’s a tablet. Just like the article said it lacks the speed and agility of the Ipad. This has not been the 1st and I’m sure not the last article for the so called tech “savvy” will give us comparing those two products.

To be taken seriously a good reporter needs to research facts and present a comparison between similar products. This reporter should have compared the Kindle Fire with new Barnes & Noble Nook Color. They are both e-readers, same screen size and have similar hardware inside. Difference between them lies in B&N Color Nook has 16Gb of memory vs 8Gb for Fire, microSD slot in Nook Tablet vs None in Fire. This is some of the reasons why Fire is $50 less than Nook for example. Other maybe that Amazon trying to subsidize its e-reader in hopes customers would access their website and purchase other Amazon products. Amazon is big on media (videos and music) while B&N has more book selections and periodicals available on the Nook. Fire lacks children book reading while Nook Color has few children book with audio. Finally Amazon is pushing for Cloud solutions to save all your media files vs Nook saving everything on the microSD card. Both e-readers allow some sort of lending between themselves. For the none-tech savvy you have to call Amazon for support but with B&N you can walk to the store and get help. If you enjoy browsing books at B&N, having a Nook inside the store allows you to read that book for one hour on your nook for free every day. Therefore it is up to the consumer to decide which product is better for them?

Now this is a comparison between similar products.

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  1. Ahmed Ramahi permalink

    Bro, another major difference between Nook & Fire:

    Fire is an Android based tablet with the propriety Amazon e-reader software (turned into a kind of huge App) comes pre-installed in the Fire tablet (kind of Amazon integrated the e-reader into Android OS). While Nook is just a plain e-reader.

    I read in other articles that Amazon are mainly targeting their loyal customers instead of competing against iPad by selling to new customers, and by their loyal customers buying the Fire, they are betting their money that this should boost their consumable items sales from through the pre-installed customized Apps (e-reader software and App) to close the gap of selling Fire less than its manufacturing cost.

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