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Kauai Fun Activities Part 2 of 2

August 27, 2011

Holo Holo Charters

Napali Coast & Niihau Super Tour

Book online to save $20/person. Price $159/person after savings

You get to experience the island from a different prospective (sea) the Napali Coast is accessed mostly by sea unless you are a super hiker/camper and welling to take on the mountains then this adventure is the way to go. You will learn the history and get to see rock formation and hidden beaches. On the morning trips you will encounter dolphins that will try and race the boat. Which we did few of them J

After the Napali coast we crossed the channel to the “Forbidden Island” of Niihau which is owned by the Robinson family (they are one story by themselves, in my opinion they shoved their religious believes to the inhabitant of the Hawaiian on the Island and if you didn’t like it, you had to leave!). When we arrive close to Niihau the crew will check for good spot to snorkel The good snorkel sites were full of Jelly fish so the captain got us snorkel in deeper sea (30 foot deep), but you know better safe than sorry (getting stung by the Jelly Fish, like one of the crew members).

When you boat leaves the harbor in AM the crew will set up breakfast (Coffee, juices, bagels, pastries), then after snorkeling you get deli buffet lunch (your usual turkey, ham, etc with all condiments, plus pasta salad) the lunch was good and filling, this is also when they start serving alcohol for those who desire all the free drinks, of course soft drinks and juices still being offered.

The return trip to harbor was rough or what the crew likes to call it “exciting”, for those who would feel sea sick this defiantly be the time you would feel, for me it was fun jumping waves. The boat is 65 footer with a claim it’s the fastest one on the island, I was told the owner designed and built the boat for this kind of adventure.

To learn more visit their website.

Outfitters Kauai

Wailua Waterfall Kayak trip, this is a Kayaking (2.5 miles) hiking 1 mile then enjoying water fall before heading back.

Price $102/person

Our tour guide was Trevor, an animated and upbeat person, who would engage everyone from the time you leave at 7am until you get back, which makes the trip more exciting. Trevor will go over some of the history during the kayaking (early in the trip) and while hiking you get to stop and get some overview of the plants around.
The Wailua River is on south east side of the Island about 15 min north from airport, the scenery is great but you have to watch out for boaters on the river and stay close to the bank. The 100 foot waterfall was a great site to enjoy and swim, be careful and have your water shoes on, lots of rocks and water not too deep (I say deepest part probably 6′) get waterfall massage was fun, but painful (what do expect 100′ drop). The lunch provided was good (we had Hummus Veggie wrap (you could have Turkey), Juice, pasta salad, two bottles of water and a cookie).

If you go do ask for Trevor he was great.

Zipline Trek Nui Loa

Price $152/person BUT if you done one “adventure” with them you get 10% off just book it in person not online.

Denny and Marcus were our tour guides for this adventure. While they were not as animated like Trevor they still had energy for everyone. The Zip line is at a private ranch that only Outfitters group can utilize. The set-up they have is amazing. You start with shorter yet faster zip line, which means trying to take a video gliding is tough. You do the 1st one twice then second one you propel yourself on a steep decline (you control your decent via a line), so you enjoy view below, then you do a bit longer one twice again. If you do this longer adventure then you are in for a treat going to second phase, you get to do two Long zip lines that gives you enough time to enjoy the view. The last one goes over what used to be a volcano crater (over a million years ago), Kauai was First Island formed from volcano before pacific earth moved the island to create other Hawaii islands.

Now when you done from this, you get to enjoy a private water hole (which again used to be part of volcano) and have lunch (which is similar to what I mentioned above).

This was a blast adventure.


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