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Keoki’s Paradise Restaurant

August 25, 2011

Entering the property

The restaurant is part of Poipu Village shopping center, to the your right as soon as you enter the shopping center. This establishment is part a Ts chain which also has Dukes and Portofino restaurants in it

Dining Room:

They have the place divided into two, but you won’t be able to tell when you are inside as there is no “real” divider. If you choose to set by the bar that is when you get the bar menu which is your typical Bar menu (Burgers and Fried food), if you select the “Dinning” area you are giving a different menu. Seating is open, no indoor seating per se, they have waterfalls and greeneries all over which muffles the sound of the road that is across from you at.


When you are in Hawaii you don’t order a steak! (Well maybe since I saw one cow in the Island and haven’t seen one in Evansville, IN J ) but being in the Island FISH FISH FISH. We ordered Spinach and Artichoke dip; it came very hot and with chips and toasted bread. You also get a basket with two pieces of white rolls and two pieces of pineapple bread. We both ordered the Opah Fish, which can be described similar to sword fish but less chewy with mild taste to it. The fish grilled and had parmesan crusted macadamia nut, the sauce was sweet and creamy with capers in it and rice pilaf on side. Yes that is Mojhito on the side and it was a VERY GOOD one, far and in between you find someone that can truly crush the mint like this and not make the drink sickly sweet.

Of course a meal can’t be complete without desert and for that the chain is known for their Hula pie, which is HUGE ice cream with Oreo Cookie as a crust. This time I picked the Mi Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream

Staff in General:

Very Friendly and attentive to your needs, food and drinks where prompt.

Overall experience:

We would visit again to try other catch of day, and enjoy the outside dinning.


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