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Kauai Fun Activities Part 1 of 2

August 25, 2011

Kauai Coffee

Cost: FREE

This local plantation is in Kola which is south side of the island. They have 3500 acres of coffee plants and supply 60% of the coffee for the State of Hawaii. From Lihue airport the site is about 20 miles, which in this Island will take you about 35-40 mins. Once you are there, they have a self guided tour about 1/8 of a mile to see the coffee plants and learn some of the history. Since we were there in August harvest season hasn’t started and therefore didn’t see all the big machinery they use. In the gift/visitor center, you are greeted with a smile and encouraged to try one of their coffee samples outside. There were about 15 different kinds of coffee brewed from Mild to strong and to various flavored coffee. They also have a small pastry/sandwich shop for those that want something to eat with their coffee. I was happy just sampling the various coffees they have. You could also join their coffee club (which we did) and get one 10oz of coffee/month for $15 (that is shipped anywhere in USA), if you do that you will get 15% discount on anything else you buy at store. I can’t wait to get my 1st shipment in Sept, this will be first season harvest J

Waimea Canyon

Cost: FREE

You want a change of scenery and a day away from the beach then head up the mountain. The Waimea Canyon is located in the western side of the Island; the drive is about hour from Poipu (about 30miles). In your way up you will do multi stops, so technically to reach to the end of the road (50) it will take you some time since you will enjoy the various “lookout” locations. We came across a small waterfall. You could climb the rocks and track the stream, or if you drove 5 mins there is another stop where you can view the stream from a different location. There are 3 major lookout locations to give you views of the canyon, but if you keep driving on 50 until it ends (you will pass naval missile defense base then NASA) you will get to WAIL ALE ALE, where you will be over 5000 feet. This is the place where your breath will be taken away. Temperature was 68F at this elevation in comparison to 86F when we left sea level. Now I should have listened to my cousin and bought me some hiking boats….YOU NEED THEM. You can hike with your tennis shoes if you plan to get them ruined but you can’t do much with water shoes which what my wife had on LWe did hike for about a mile down the rocky road, it got too muddy for our footwear and too slippery. You will encounter the best views at the start of the hike, but then asking others if you hike about 2-3 hours you will come across a waterfall. Fun Day trip, well need proper footwear to get you going and Water.

Smith Family Luau Party

Cost: $156/person if you reserve two days in advance ONLINE, otherwise its $176/person

This is 30 acres of botanical gardens, you start the tour by riding on their tram, which gives you a quick garden tour explaining the various plants they have, and the tram drops you off at the picnic site. Go at least an hour before the show starts. 5pm is good time, gives you time to tour the garden on foot. You will come across few of the local plants that will be served during the Luau party. Banana trees, Star fruit, Papaya, Pineapple, Avocados, sugar cane etc.

You get to experience how they remove the “pig” from the ground and listen to the process they go thru starting at 7am to be ready for the feast at 6pm. One thing I wondered the Pig was 120 pounds and they had about 300 people, so if 1/2 of them ate pork that is less than a pound for each! And from what I saw people had more than that.

For those of us that do not eat pork, they had teriyaki steak which was tender, Ono fish (local fish) and chicken on bones. They also had sweet potatoes, salmon salad (which was chopped salmon fish with tomatoes and onions), Mac salad, and garden salad. For desert you get to have fresh fruits (watermelon, pineapple and papaya), coconut sweet sticky rice, coconut cake, coconut jelly. Dinner was served under a big canopy with live much in background, was buffet style with 4 lines going at same time. Even though there were over 300 people lines moved smoothly and plenty of food was there for seconds.

After dinner you get to enjoy an hour show of dancing which represents the various cultural in Hawaii (mix of Polynesian, Chinese, Japanese and Pilipino)

Smith family will treat you with care and they go around to each table asking how everything is and help you if need be. Think of the price you pay as three different activities rolled into one. Botanical Garden tour, dinner that won’t leave you hungry with free drinks and open bar! And finally a show! What a great night to end your evening for that day.


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