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Diamond Resorts – The Point at Poipu

August 25, 2011

The resort when you enter doesn’t look great and you wonder what in the world you got yourself into! BUT the back of the resort is well taken care of with lagoon running down from top of the reception area. Staff will welcome you and you are giving Liaise to place around your partner. All the rooms in this resort are two bedrooms. From what we understood the history was Japanese investors built it as residential condominium but when a hurricane came they got sacred and sold it off to a time share company. It changed hands few times until Diamond Resorts purchased them (they currently have 200 resorts worldwide). Our 1st room were given was on lower floor (avoid that), the Condo didn’t have a breeze and felt musty from inside, AC didn’t work and it was a handicapped Condo. The staff did change the room for us quickly and were given one on the second floor (which to me is 1st floor since it’s on same level as parking and 1st floor is more like basement level). The condo was fresh, everything was clean and in top shape, the queen size bed was very comfortable. The other bedroom had two full size beds in it. There are two bathrooms, the Master bathroom is large and had his&her sinks, tub and standup shower, the other bathroom had standup shower only. Plenty of storage rooms and balcony that is overlooking the garden. Living area with couch is very comfy with large TV (each bedroom had a TV as well), kitchen had everything you can ask for and during our visit the Condos where getting new appliances (I didn’t see anything wrong with one we had, but nice to see they are keeping everything fresh).

We had cleaning service done during our trip, which they changed bed linens, gave new towels and cleaned the place up. Nice touch.

For a place this size, I was surprised to see only one pool! Hot tub is next to pool is used by kids of all ages which doesn’t make it a relaxing one unless you head to the adult hot tub which is located on the other side.

The resort doesn’t have beach access, you will need to walk to Grand Hayes hotel next door and use the beach there (which is called Ship Wreck beach). The beaches in Hawaii are all public beaches, so you can use any hotel beach. At the resort make sure to walk to the rocks and enjoy the wave that splashes on them.

I have read that people complained about roosters waking them up! Or being too loud, during our trip we did see them outside the resort, but they were not roaming the area, management must have “kicked” them out or removed them. If roosters and chickens “scare” you Kauai is not the place you want to visit, they are all over. They didn’t bother us and we slept well.

If you want Internet you can use the cable in the room…mine didn’t work! And pay $9/day or go to reception area and use the Free WiFi!

Final note: If you plan to go the sales pitch to buy time share at this resort here are few hints. Diamond will charge your card $25 then refund you that amount when you show up (never seen this before except here), they tell you it is 90 minutes sales presentation while in fact it’s more like 2-3 hours depending (ours took 2.5 hours). If you are in market to buy please do your homework and ask before you go. We talked to a guy that owned since 2002 and he is happy with, and talked to a couple that said their parents owned with Diamond and hate it (reason giving the management give them a hard time to exchange to other resorts, every year they increase the maintenance fee and Diamond keeps pressuring them to buy extra points! Which I can see that). Now let us say you did your homework and you wanted to buy (you weren’t there just to get the $100 voucher to use at businesses in area like we did). DO NOT sign without haggling, unlike Marriott Vacations where their price is set in stone no negotiation, this one they do. You will be shown LIST price, I was told to buy 3500 points list price is about $32K (sales associate will show you this), then Director of sales come in (yes this is like buying a car), and went through his sales training speech to get you say you will buy now (hold your ground), he then gave me a price of $14K (don’t bite), then he will throw in few extra goodies (such as $1000 of airline ticket), well since I wasn’t there to buy at this time, they get you signing a paper (you think you are done, nope you aren’t), and lead you to another office where this lady is setting. Boy looks are deceiving, she looked worn out and tired but BOOM she snapped and went over another sales tactic, offered extra goodies to give you more time to think about the $14K offer (was told I can buy 10,000 points for $1500 to use at any vacation property in 16 months, their ocean view takes that much) and this will be used as part of payment if you wanted to buy into the $14K. Guess what I said I offered $7K for my 3500 points and was turned down, the woman said give me your driver license and credit card and I will see if I can make that happen. WOW so price dropped from$32 to $7K (maybe lower if you be serious to buy). I do feel sorry for the suckers who paid full price.


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