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Marriott Kaua’i Resort

August 21, 2011

Marriott Kaua’I Resort

3610 Rice Street, Lihue, Hawaii


Entering the property

The property is close to the airport less than 5 min drive, shuttle service was fast and takes you thru the property golf course. While the entrance doesn’t look grand by comparison to other Marriott properties, once you are inside you will see the difference. What is odd, when shuttle drops you off you have to go down the escalator and then few steps, walk a bit then turn to the lobby! You get to at least experience some of the resort gardens and pond.

They do have one of the largest swimming pool in the Island and with 5 Jacuzzis I say you are covered to relax at one of them if need be. Just remember the resort is family oriented which means LOTS of kids running around who might want to jump in at your Jacuzzi.

The property with all the people in it, was kept clean, you will not see any trash and furniture were kept in top shape. You can stroll thru the garden enjoy all the plants and it helps they have names right next to each exotic flowers (ok exotic to me maybe not Island). Don’t be alarmed if you see LOTS of Rosters and chickens roaming the resort this is true all over the Island.


Very clean and we have a great view of the pool and ocean, couldn’t ask for better view, having coffee in the morning with that view was breathless. Only drawback the wired internet (no wireless in room) and if you are not an Elite member you will pay $14/day to use, or you can utilize the free wireless at lobby and restaurants outside.


Good size with ample space for two. Shower was clean.


The property has one restaurant and another for breakfast and Tapas BUT in the same property there is Duke Restaurant, sport bar type, but food and service were good. You better try the fish. The other is an Italian restaurant which we didn’t try but looked good.

Exercise & Pool Area:

Top notch and fully stocked…see picture of the gym

Staff in General:

While the staff at JW Marriott in San Antonio was very friendly and made you feel welcomed, the staff at this resort was ok, and they just did their job. We didn’t encounter anyone that was bad or rude, they just did their thing. I would have expected a bit more friendlier staff but maybe that how things are.


We would come here again. The resort has beach at property and plenty of amenities to do. Across the street there are plenty of other restaurants, Mexican, Thai, sport bars, small huts, shipping store (which reminds me skip buying soft drinks at hotel resort and walk few feet outside to get one for a $1) You could spend the day relaxing at beach or walk around the hotel garden, maybe play golf if that is you thing. The resort has good kids pool and activity rooms for them as well. You can’t go wrong.

NOTE: Remember to get your Welcome package, you will get a discount card for various establishments in the Island, and you could do the sales pitch to sell you on Marriott resorts and gain $150 voucher to be used at various restaurants and shops (ask for two $75 vouchers).


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