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Wilkes’ sentenced to life not death? REALLY..

August 14, 2011

This is another case of our legal and national system needs to be overhauled, how on earth a person that killed a mother and her young kids (13 & 8) be allowed to live? Did I forget to mention he molested the 13 year old daughter as well? The new changes in State laws seems to be protecting the criminals more than the victims, because if the State truly did care about its citizens then Mr. Wilkes would be put on fast track death penalty (he even confessed and asked to die!). Our State with their broken legal system figured that using their “FUZZY” math they can have the tax payers who were harmed by this person action to foot his life incarceration bill.

If the average State prisoner cost taxpayer’s $22K/year then Mr. Wilkes who is 41 years old now would cost the State about $630K if we assumed his life expectancy would be only 70 in prison. On the other hand if we granted Mr. Wilke’s wish to die, then our savings would be $600K (quick track to death row), the savings could be used to support our law enforcement agencies and not protecting criminal.

While Judge Heldt is a respected judge in our community who wanted to apply the law even in this gruesome crime, he should have kept his original sentence. Our Jury system needs to be changed and replaced by 3 judges when dealing with a crime such as this. A jury of Mr. Wilkes peers would mean having 12 criminals or future murders! Of course we are told the twelve jurors were selected for their objectivity! Who is this legal system is kidding? They couldn’t agree that the death penalty was warranted! ARE YOU SERIOUS? What more evidence this “objective” jury wants? DNA Check, Abusing daughter Check, High on drugs Check, confessions to killing Mom and one daughter CHECK (he couldn’t remember 3rd murder!). Maybe this jury wants to see the murder taking place live to maybe just maybe they can come to agreement….

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