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Fiesta Acapulco – Newburgh, IN

May 14, 2011

This has been our favorite spot since the day it opened. The restaurant has a nice lake next to it with owner Melvin working hard in making it better every season. The fenced lake has a fountain in the middle, ducks, geese, African cranes and other various birds that he has them under a tent.

The outside seating to Acapulco is what brought us to this place, but the food and service is what kept use going. The idea to set outside enjoy the summer breeze at night, enjoying a great food and drink is a change from what other Mexican restaurants in area has, not smelling like fajita when you leave the place is a huge plus J My usual item is Burritos Acapulco, which is
Two grilled chicken and steak burritos topped with cheese sauce, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo

Of course I never left the place without having my Churros J

Today on the other hand the place was a bit too loud with country music being blasted from speakers! Asking our server Daniel, we found out that some kid named “Douglas” started to frequent the place and requested country music to be played loud. Later on I found out this Douglas guy is running away other customers who have complained about loud music and his behavior in the place. I felt sorry for our server who kept apologizing to us as he knows we have been enjoying coming here to relax from a busy week.

Would we go there again, yes, but probably I recommend others to avoid this place on Saturday as it is $0.99 Margarita night and kids are all over it and linger in the patio. If you want a cheap Margarita drink then go on Tuesday. Otherwise try going there on Friday when kids aren’t there.

See you there….


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  1. Michelle Wadi permalink

    Douglas did ruin our evening! But the food is always good!

  2. Pat Ervin permalink

    Enjoyed a wonderful meal at Fiesta Acculpolco with Shadi & Michelle.

    Neat logo Shadi!

  3. Pat Ervin permalink

    Fiesta Acapulco!

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