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Fatah, Hamas pact end rift…let us give it a chance

May 6, 2011

It has been a while since I have wrote a political response, but when I have read “Fatah & Hamas pact ends rift” and the immediate opposition by Western nations (Israel included) I was baffled. If Western nations’ including Israel preaches democracy, why this pact between two rivals can’t be considered as such?

Some might argue the fact that Hamas has in the past asked for the “destruction” of Israel or that it is considered “terrorist” organization would invalidate such a pact. Have the international community especially Britain forgot that back in 1941 the ex PM of Israel Yitzhak Shamir was imprisoned by the British authorities? This is for his connections with his Irgun party, which was considered by the British at that time a “Terrorist” organization for dealing with the enemy (Nazi)? How could this happen that Mr. Shamir go from being imprisoned by the British to being PM of Israel? I say people grow up and some changes their behavior to move their country to a better place.

So while we have our differences we can realize that overtime the playing field would change and certain organizations can co-exist to work together. This is similar to how the Israeli Knesset has various factions within its members that support peace between Israel and Palestinians and some that oppose it to the degree of calling on Israel to “annihilate” Arabs this is according to Ovadia Yosef who is the spiritual leader of Israel Shas Party. In 2001 Rabbi Yosef said “It is forbidden to be merciful to them. You must send missiles to them and annihilate them,” he said. “They are evil and damnable.” Rabbi Yosef made a mistake and at the end he apologized for such remarks.

I say let us give this pact the same chance other parties in Israel are given no matter what their views are. Isn’t it democracy at its best to have various points of view to discuss and come up with a solution? Similar to how the Israeli Knesset and our Congress work, each party member has their differences but at the end of the day they will work together (so we hope) for the betterment of everyone. When the Palestinian in the West Bank & Gaza elects various officials from Fatah and Hamas to represent them, let us hear them out and see how peace will be managed. Hamas has already mentioned they will cease attacks on Israel, if they keep their word maybe a change is upon us. On the other hand if Hamas fires the first shot into Israel then Israel has the right to defend itself from such an aggression.

Peace can only be accomplished if all parties are willing to sit down at the same table and discuss their issues with no preconditions or pretext. Maybe the changes that are going all over the Middle East have opened the eyes of Hamas leaders. Maybe the people in Gaza do not want to live in their fenced in prison but would like to join their brothers and sisters in the country and improve their way of life. Who have thought that in our life time we would see Egyptian president removed not by force but by the well of the people?

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