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NotionInk Adam tablet review

May 1, 2011

I have had the tablet for over a month now, I have had a chance to play with and download few useful applications that I will share on here. I prefer to write my pros and cons in a bullet format for ease of read and in order for a person to compare with other devices.

Please note that I have rooted my device to allow for Android market access and ability to move from Eden one screen to EdenX.


  • Feels and built of device. Good quality with no flimsy or cheap looking design.
  • The USB ports, 2 USBs and 1 Mini USB. Nothing like carrying my presentations on USB drive, slide it in and Viola you got it at your finger tip, why upload everything to the device!
  • HDMI output. Love it, I was able to view Al Jazeera Live on my LCD screen by connecting the two. Sound was good; the picture was a bit fuzzy but probably was due to the Al Jazeera broadcast. The SD slot to expand your memory, although you will see below this is also a con L
  • The swivel camera….love this thinking. I mean hello, the tablet is resting on the table or maybe on your lap, swivel the camera and shoot. Now compare that to the other tablets and you have to hold them and move them as if you are carrying a LARGE camera, what a pain. Maybe next IPAD would learn from this
  • Speakers are not that bad if you think of this as a tablet and not a high end stereo system, like some reviews has!




  • The SD card expansion, what were you thinking NotionInk by not making the SD2 card discoverable when Adam is connected to PC? You only see the internal memory.
  • The camera while it’s great needs improvement in the focusing to minimize the auto adjustment.
  • No initial Android market unless you root it. Not NotionInk fault but Google will not make its market available for a tablet, which is coming up with Honeycomb. Rooting the device gives you access to this, though not the full market access.
  • Some complained about the battery life, its true it is nowhere near what company claim, but then again when you have widgets and apps running in background, well that drains it quickly. I can get about 5-6 hours’ worth on it.

Wish List:

  • Move towards Honeycomb. Seems NotionInk is inching forward with that. Check their blog:
  • Have a secondary mic next to camera. I was hoping to record meeting that way, but with mic facing bottom can’t record voices except your own
  • More stable camera
  • Utilize the screen better. What I mean by this, we have a 1″ at top and bottom and 0.5″ on each side of Adam that is not utilized as screen! I understand to the left side we have the “Search, Home, menu, Back” buttons and on the right the sensor screen brightness.
    • Eliminating this dead space either can increase the screen size or reduce the weight of the Adam
    • The light sensor is positioned in away your hand or thumb can cover it by mistake
  • Ability to read secondary SD card


Apps installed:

This is a list of what I have installed so far on my Adam, first as I mentioned I rooted the device and installed EdenX2.3 which opened the door to utilize the tablet as it was intended.

  1. In my main screen I installed “CaWidget” it’s a quick and fast way to see what is going on during the week. Calendar at a glance
  2. I purchased “QuickOffice” to be able to view and Edit my work documents
  3. “Advanced Task” & “Watchdog Lite” help me keeping an eye on my tablet resources
  4. This one is good “PhoneMyPc” the App cost only $9.99, but it beats GotoMyPC, LogMeIn and others. You install the software on your homePC and download this apps to access your homePC using our tablet. Very sweet, I can avoid carrying my work Laptop now for a day trip and access it when I want.
  5. “Nook” reader, since I left my Nook on a place and no one returned it (go figure) this comes handy and it’s easy to read using my Adam even in direct light.
  6. “Newspapers” you get to read various newspaper from 4 different countries (USA, UK, Canada, France)
  7. Games well you can see from picture below what games I have installed

One Comment
  1. While I was a big supporter of NI. I have sold my Adam due to the fact of no software support except from hacking community. I would have liked at least to see more involvement from the company to their user especially when Adam was priced similar to big players on market such as Apple, Samsung, and Motorola etc.
    Maybe, some time in distant future I will look into it again, in the meantime I will just keep tap of NI. I would suggest that NI opens a US facility to move products faster or have big distributor support, otherwise to charge $50 to ship and no local support to return product makes it hard to swallow when spending $500

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