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Wisconsin vs Union vs Democrats

March 10, 2011

Today WI passed a bill that took union rights…which to me is in the eyes of the beholder.

What are the rights that were taken? Group negotiation for pay? WOW I don’t have that right, have to get a raise based on my experience and work! What an odd concept that is.

WOW isn’t this same as Universal health coverage the government wants everyone to be part of and we labeled it Socialist? Both use “group” leverage for their needs. Why the union can’t finally realize in this day of age your compensation should be based on your knowledge and ability to work, not on seniority. Why does the union want to protect people who really do not want to work?

I love the argument they are getting less compensation with this new bill. Well we all can play with numbers, if I pay taxes yes I’m getting less from my gross pay, when I pay more for health care, my gross pay is less. Kennedy said: “Ask what you can do for your country not what your country can do for you”. The state of Wisconsin has a budget fall like the rest, the governor trying to avoid laying people off, pay your dues like everyone else and get raises based on merits and not union membership. The rest of us pay high health insurance, contribute to our retirement and do our part to work.

Do not get me started on the 14 Senate Democrats that ran like cowards. Can anyone of us imagine if we did this in real world? Your boss asks you to do a job and you run away? You will be fired. Well, the people of WI elected those 14 senators to represent them, what they did? They ran away. If they felt strongly about this issue they should have argued it and voted on it, isn’t this what USA is all about? It is the right to Vote that separate us from the rest…Egyptian, Libyans are trying to gain this right and we run away from it. Those 14 Senators needs to be fired and replaced PERIOD.

I might be simplistic in my views but we all needs to be judge by our merits at work and not by our Union.

PS. I’m starting my own Union for all the none union people out there, just send me 5% of your pay and I’ll represent you J I will make sure you will save 2.5% on your health bill and make an extra 2.5% on your pay check. GREAT DEAL.


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