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Wind of Change in Egypt and the Arab world

February 5, 2011

Is the wind of change coming upon the Arab countries or these are just separate incidents in Tunisia and Egypt?  What has made today’s youth in these countries to resist the current regime that their parents grew up with? Some of those questions will be answered once the dust is settled.

In my opinion, history showed us empires come and go, the autocratic regime in the Arab world is no difference than what went on during the French revolution, you have disconnect between the ruler family and common folks on the street. High taxes, high unemployment, lack of basic food necessity and even lack of fresh drinking water contributed to this revolt.  What is good for the King is not good for the people anymore. I use the term King here for the entire Arab leaders; in essence they are residing over kingdoms. A president is elected a King inherit the rule from his family. Think of Jordan vs. Egypt no such difference in the ruling family! When late King Hussein passed away his son took over, Egyptian president was grooming his son Gamal to take over, Syrian President is the son of late President Hafez Assad. If the rulers admit to themselves they are not a democratic society but are more of Kingdom, it would be easier to get the people to understand where they stand.  Again think of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan vs. Egypt, Syria etc. If Egypt called itself for example Kingdom of Egypt then the common person knows for a fact the current ruler is the de facto person and no sham elections are needed to “re-elect” the president with 99.9% of the votes! So long as you know the rules of the kingdom and they will not change, a person can conduct his/her business with ease.

The Egyptians with their mighty power have risen and no stopping it now. Can the current regime stop this change, highly doubt it. What is needed now between the new and the old is ability to form a collation to make sure Mr. Mobarak hands over his throne to an interim government.  The sticky point we face, no such leader has come forward from this revolution to lead the young and form a new government. The news media has made fun of President Mobarak statement:”If I left now a chaos will erupt”. That is a fact we cannot neglect in the US and a fact Israel knows. A true example is Iraq; once the US eliminated Sadam from power the country went down the path of civil war even with US troops stationed there! What do you think will happen when no true leader is at the helm of the most populous Arab country? Yes what we see is chaos now but this is will pale in comparison to the anarchy that will erupt and set in motion 80 million people with it. Our fellow Egyptians your time has come and I commend you for taking a stand against what you perceive as the oppression in your nation, but it is also time to form various parties to enter elections and vote the people you want to lead your beautiful country to prosperity and new found freedom. AS for the USA I urge you to let the people decide their fate while advising on how to proceed forward in this difficult time. Make sure what has been agreed upon between Egypt and other international countries stands.

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