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Less Money For Better Opportunity Can Be Good Deal

January 22, 2011

A recent article by Harvey Mackay which was publish in Evansville Courier & Press (1/22/11) and also at states in a nutshell that for your dream job a person needs to consider less pay!

Mr. Mackay I say to you what an irrational point of views you are giving the public when job market as you put it is scares! Here is why I think the argument doesn’t stand (even though you did mention what the hiring managers might think).

  1. If this is the argument for a person that doesn’t have a job or is on unemployment benefits then as 5th grader would say a Salary in your career job is ALWAYS Greater than ZERO income or unemployment check.
  2. If this is for a person that doesn’t like his current position and found his “dream job” as you put it, I say irrational decision you are given IF this person
    1. Has a family to support and needs the income
    2. Has debt to pay and by changing to less pay job he might not be able to pay his debt, which means we are back to the housing bubble when people borrowed more than their take home. Is this what you preaching?

On the other hand your article could have mentioned that this advice is for a candidate that can afford taking this pay cut and not be dependent on government support or asking for bail out once he/she made the move. In Other words the person has stability in their life to do as he wishes.

When a dream job is on hand for a new candidate and he/she is the fit that the company is looking for, then I do believe the hiring managers would offer the person the fair market value for the candidate and not make it a reverse auction. No three people alike (like the CNN 2009 report that Mr. Mackay is quoting from) and one of those three people is the right fit for the job, the other are just transitional.

I can’t discount Mr. Mackay motto: Do what you love, love what you do and deliver more than you promise. Entrepreneur such as Mr. Mackay live by this motto and will find ways to make it work, but can’t come on the expense of meeting your obligations.


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