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Qatar 2022 FIFA

December 6, 2010

In response to the World Cup Editorial published Monday, December 06, 2010 in Evansville Courier & Press.

             The view of the article was that Qatar was an odd choice as to U.S. with Indianapolis losing a chance to host some of the games.

            What the Editorial failed to realize is that this is “World Cup” not USA Cup or only for the elite nations! Unlike American Football, World Cup is shared by the entire globe, and each nation is entitled to make a bid for this great sporting event without prejudice to size, ethnicity, population, etc. But can the Host nation provide the facilities, security, and newness to showcase what other parts of the world offer? Qatar can and FIFA believed it can accomplish what it promised it will do.

The editorial argued the fowling regarding Qatar:

  1. A flat country with short on scenery and people. WOW what a closed minded view that is. So anything short of Indiana corn fields is considered short on scenery? Qatar white sand beaches rival those in Florida. As for the people, they are as hospitable as any small town USA, just because their dress code/language is different doesn’t make them short in that regard.
  2. The article argues the country average temperature is 106 reaching to 130F, which meant how can you play Football? But the author failed to mention what technical feat the country is taken, something I doubt Indiana or for that matter U.S. can handle at this time. Qatar has taken upon itself to revolutionize the cooling of its outdoor stadiums, utilizing Solar power to generate electricity and in return run all the air conditioning units to keep the temperature at the stadium at below 80F during the games, during none game time electricity will go back to the grid. For a country that has Oil & Gas to choose this route (Solar); one must tip their hat to them if they can pull it off. Can we do this in Indiana? I doubt it we still fighting about Roberts Stadium and downtown arena.

            Just imagine how this technological feat can be adopted to future stadiums we build in this nation? We talk about being none dependant for foreign oil, yet the country that has it actually has a plan for renewable energy! Go figure.

  1. I do have to thank the author for showing the country generosity; donating the stadiums to poor countries once the event is complete, talk about recycling and moving the renewable energy of the stadiums to other cities in the world to benefit. (Maybe Evansville can ask for one of the stadiums to replace Roberts!).

             How about security one might argue, well I only have to direct each and everyone to the latest news about TSA treatments of its own citizens, how do you think TSA would treat the various fans that will enter this great nation of ours?  Here is a hint, not good.       Other argument I saw online was that Qatar is a country that doesn’t treat women right, Jews not allowed and other ignorant remarks. I do understand people fear of the unknown or different. Qatar was one of the first Persian countries to open ties with Israel (trade relation started in 1996), also do not be surprised to see the various US bases in Qatar.

            Qatar is a progressive nation with women allowed to work, drive, do what women do in the US; Qatari law doesn’t all work/pay discrimination between men & women for same job. You are just asked to follow the law just like the US has its laws.

             This FIFA event will showcase to the world the beauty of that part of the world and different can be good sometime. We are not disconnected from the rest of the world but all connected to each other.

  1. Ahmed permalink

    Qatar has even solved the problem of housing for the tens of thousands of fans who will come to cheer for their teams during the tournament. Instead of building lots and lots of hotels that will eventually become deserted after the games are over; they are renting six massive cruise ships each with 5000+ rooms and docking them to their country shores during the games! Imagine going to watch the WC and staying the week in a cruise ship, how cool is that!

    A very smart solution if you ask me which proves that they really put smart people to work their bidding file!

    • Now that’s a country with forward looking and people in Indiana thought Indianapolis can do that

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