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North Korea vs USA

November 30, 2010

So let me get this straight North Korea has nuclear weapons (2002), admit to having them, tested the missiles (2206) and what did our Ex-President Bush did in 2008à took them off the Axis of Evil list/State Sponsor of Terror!    Was the cowboy scared of attacking North Korea or is it because no oil in North Korea? So he decided Iraq is a better story to sell to the public?

What happens next à North sunk a South Korean ship and now attacked an island killing people! What we do now under new administration we send a ship (USS George Washington) to play a war game with South Korea. In the mean time North Korea is like a wild child not being checked and told to stop behaving foolishly with such instigation attacks (China must be wielding major power to keep the US out of the region business à this is another story). The US needs to concentrate on North Korea now and not Iran; at least Iran is all talk (for now) and has not attacked its neighbor (yet). Before people jump on and say: did you forget the Iran-Iraq war, I say check your history of who was helping Iraq at that time (USA was supplying military weapons and spying to keep the war going).

What I suggest:

  1. USA have balls to stop North Korea at its tracks and stop playing with fire OR surrender to North and leave Korea
  2. Major economic and political embargo against the North
  3. Target (Clandestine) killing of VIP in North Korea, similar to what has been done lately in Iran (two nuclear scientist attacked in Iran by attaching magnetized bombs to their car during am commute, one killed the other injured)    

Not doing anything about North Korea will only give the message out that obtaining nuclear weapons and being reckless is OK, since we are afraid to touch you, otherwise if you are a weak nation we will kick your butt!!!!


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