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GM Shares

November 15, 2010

We are the people that own GM!!! NOT TOO FAST says our government, it’s the investment bankers that underwrite it and will own it!

So let me get this straight –> GM Default goes bankrupt wipe shareholder value –> United State Government bails GM out with everyone’s tax dollars –> GM exit bankruptcy fast!! (you would think it would take years for huge corporation like GM) –> GM with its Lean no debt loading goes for IPO –> Fools like us not allowed unless you are the super doper rich or investor banker then you are allowed to own some of those shares!

OK and let me get this straight also –> The investment banks are the same ones we bailed out –> now they want to snub us?

So if the US government is not run by the people for the people who the hell running this government?

I say let the people that bailed out GM aka Government Motors to buy into this IPO and let us make some quick cash to be able to bail the same ***holes that will most likely need another bailout in the future!

One Comment
  1. So much for the GM hype machine… on first day of trading and they close at $34.19 and down in after market trade. Serve thos ebig shots right for not opening it as a Dutch auction for everyone, why can’t old dogs learn new tricks?

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